Hotel Gym Articles

Looking for ideas to increase your guest satisfaction? Add additional revenue streams? The articles listed can provide inspiration for your hotel’s fitness concept.

What is the value of fitness equipment?

The latest trends in the hospitality industry suggest new equipment may lead to higher satisfaction which translates to positive gains in occupancy rates, pricing, and RevPAR.

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Give your unmanned gym the edge

Hotelier Middle East, October, 2011

In today’s challenging financial climate, hospitality businesses often have to balance delivering high standards of customer service with working more efficiently and minimizing overheads. The hotel’s fitness facility is often the first area to be affected and it’s not uncommon for gyms to be unmanned. It’s a decision which ensures that, whilst the hotel is providing the expected level of leisure facilities to guests, staffing costs are kept within acceptable levels and profit margins aren’t squeezed.

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Making the gym work out for you

Hotelier Middle East, May, 2011

Crucial to the success of any hotel fitness facility is treating it as a separate profit centre, but maximising the revenue it generates can be a challenging task, especially in the current global economic downturn. With all businesses in the Middle East striving to work more efficiently and maintain robust profit margins in a tough marketplace, developing secondary revenue streams can be key to a gym’s profitability.

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