Insights at Precor

Precor uses insights throughout the entire life of our products and services. Our goal is to create personalized fitness experiences, which relies on constant feedback, testing and validation with fitness facility operators, personal trainers, exercisers, and service technicians.

As Precor continues to grow, we have invested in our goal of being an insights-driven company. In early 2015 we hired our first full-time researcher, Brian Kane, focused exclusively on collecting and sharing feedback. We will use the insights we gather to deeply understand our customers and the members they serve and provide insights to the market that help you more effectively achieve your business objectives.

How you can participate
We will be regularly conducting on-line surveys, phone-based discussions, in-market sessions, and much more. Please continue to visit this page to discover what ways you can participate

Additionally, you can always provide a comment, suggestion or question, which we will do our best to respond to.