Precor Logos & Guidelines

To get access to official Precor Logo file formats, contact Media relations:
Always use the ramp and logotype as a unit, and in the configuration shown here.

The official Precor logos are grouped by color and end-use. Color choices are outlined below.

When placing logo in a layout, maintain clear space around logo, and use a logo version that will stand out from the background.
Usage Permissions
Permissions must be granted by the Precor marketing department to individuals wanting to use the Precor logo. This is specific for third parties, individuals/companies who are neither an employee, dealer, or facilities that carry Precor products, including broadcast television, commercial advertising, movies and websites. Unauthorized dealers of Precor products are not allowed to use the Precor logo.
Precor Logo
The Precor logo signature is composed of the mark, called the "ramp," and the logotype.
Precor Logo Placement
When placing the logo signature in a layout, maintain clear space around the logo equal to the height of the logo on all sides.
Precor Logo Size
The logo signature should be no less than 0.75 inches/1.905 cm width (not including the "®" symbol).
Logo Color Guidelines
Careful application of this color palette will impart a consistent and professional look to all Precor communications.

This is the prefered logo and should be used whenever possible. It should be used on white or neutral/light-colored backgrounds.
  • 2 - 4 spot colors — offset print with PMS links
  • CMYK — All digital print
  • RGB — Web and digital media

Reference the color numbers to the right for correct Pantone (Spot), CMYK, RGB and HEX values. The full color logo colors should never be adjusted.
Precor Logo Placement
*Basalt should never be applied as 100% black. Always use 90% black in 4 color process (CMYK).
Ocean Blue
Pantone CMYK RGB Hex
2905C C: 40 R: 140 #8CD7F5
2905U M: 0 G: 215
2905PC Y: 0 B: 245
2905M K: 0
LED Blue
Pantone CMYK RGB Hex
801C C: 100 R: 0 #00AACD
801U M: 0 G: 170
801PC Y: 0 B: 205
801M K: 20
Vivid Blue
Pantone CMYK RGB Hex
301C C: 100 R: 0 #006496
301U M: 20 G: 100
301PC Y: 0 B: 150
301M K: 40
Pantone CMYK RGB Hex
432C C: 0 R: 65 #414141
432U M: 0 G: 65
432PC Y: 0 B: 65
432M K: 90
Secondary Logo Choices
The solid black logo is for use in print when only one color is available, and the print resolution will be too low to hold a dot, e.g. FAX. Ink color may be black or a Precor PMS color (PMS 432, PMS 301 or PMS 801). It should be used on white or light-colored backgrounds.
This version is for use on dark background in applications where full color logo or black logo is not practical. The logo should always appear white and never appear as the paper color.
See examples to the right for proper use.
Special Use Only

2 Color Halftone
If limited colors are available, the two-color halftone version may be used in print. It employes two spot color, PMS432 gray for the logotype and PMS301 for the ramp (the tonal variation in the blues is achieved through halftone screens).
Full Color Ramps with White Typographic 'Precor'

This is the preferred logo for special applications such as signage and should not be used unless other logos will not work.
Incorrect Usage
Do not alter the Precor logo in any way.
Correct and consistent use of the Precor logo will establish and maintain the strength of our brand.

See examples to the right for improper use.
Precor Logo
Precor Logo Size
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Precor Logos and Guidelines

To get access to official Precor Logo file formats, contact Media relations:
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