10 Celebrity Personal Trainers You Should Be Paying Attention To

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10 Celebrity Personal Trainers You Should Be Paying Attention To

We know that it can be challenging to get your body in its best possible shape. But with the help of these super-motivating celebrity personal trainers, that process can be made easier. They’re all gifted communicators and experts in their given areas. And as an added bonus, their books and videos are as instructive as they are entertaining. Here are 10 celebrity personal trainers you should be paying attention to.

Amen Iseghohi

Amen Iseghohi was a successful businessman when the sight of an overweight boy suddenly inspired him to switch career paths. He started developing exercise programs that incorporate everyday objects like old tires. Having grown up on his grandmother’s farm in Africa, he was accustomed to incorporating such equipment into his workouts. Today, his Amenzone Fitness studios are sweeping across Arizona and California.
How to pay attention: Follow @Amenzone on Twitter for updates on their gyms across the Southwest.

Barry Jay

Barry Jay’s life changed when he found employment at a West Hollywood gym. He abandoned his hard-partying lifestyle to become a beloved fitness instructor. Barry soon began devising his own boot camp routines. However, to lighten the atmosphere, he held these exercise classes in rooms resembling nightclubs. A unique combination was born, and Barry’s Bootcamp program is now a hit.

Barry's Bootcamp Facebook

How to pay attention: Check out his popular Facebook Page -- Barry's Bootcamp.

Denise Austin

Denise Austin is a boisterous veteran of aerobics, yoga, and other forms of exercise. Her books and videos have been bestsellers. She’s been a regular on NBC’s “Today” and has even hosted television shows of her own. And through her speaking gigs, this mother of two continues to inspire her legions of fans.
How to pay attention: Denise's Twitter account, @DeniseAustin, is full of great fitness advice.

Scott Herman

Scott Herman has been helping people build muscle mass since he was a teenager; he began working at a Massachusetts Gold’s Gym at age 14. Nowadays, this entrepreneur, actor, model, and former cast member of MTV’s “The Real World” reaches millions via his website and internet weightlifting videos.

Scott Herman YouTube

How to pay attention: Check out his YouTube page (over 500,000 subscribers!) for a wide array of powerful workouts.

Harley Pasternak

Harley Pasternak, a native of Canada, preaches two core messages. First, workouts ought to be brief and simple. Second, people should remain active throughout the day: walking, taking the stairs, and so on. These lessons resonate with many of those who read Harley's books and magazine articles and catch his frequent guest appearances on TV.
How to pay attention: Join Harley's Twitter following of 67,000 and learn more about his approach to living a healthy lifestyle.

Mary Helen Bowers

Few train as intensely as ballerinas. New York City Ballet alumna Mary Helen Bowers knows that firsthand, and she relies on her extensive dance experience to craft workouts that emphasize grace as well as strength. Mary Helen even guided Natalie Portman as the actress was preparing for her role in the popular movie “Black Swan."
How to pay attention: Check out about the Ballet Beautiful Facebook Page for inspiration and to find out more about Mary Helen's creative take on fitness.

Cassey Ho

The effervescent Cassey Ho originally intended to go into medicine -- at least, that's the field her parents wanted her to enter. As a college student, though, she worked as a Pilates teacher and found that her true calling was to be a fitness entrepreneur. She eventually launched the Blogilates YouTube channel, and before long, her productions were routinely garnering hundreds of thousands of views.

Blogilates YouTube Cassie Ho

How to pay attention: Cassey's YouTube channel has tons of workout videos that will really put your body to the test.

Sarah Dussault

Like Cassey Ho, the young, award-winning Sarah Dussault has earned fame by creating her own internet content. Sarah is a distance runner from Boston; many of her workouts target girls and women who participate in athletics. Even so, anyone can benefit from Sarah's tutelage.
How to pay attention: Follow Sarah on Twitter for tons of awesome workouts and recipes.

Shaun Thompson

Better known as Shaun T, Shaun Thompson is a standout athlete, choreographer, and onetime Mariah Carey backup dancer. He's stormed the workout scene in recent years with his “Hip Hop Abs” and “Insanity” series. In particular, Shaun T is known for advocating interval training.
How to pay attention: Follow @shauntfitness on Twitter for motivational tweets and helpful fitness advice.

Tony Horton

Tony Horton is one of America’s most versatile fitness gurus. He has created boot camp programs, workouts for members of the armed forces, and routines focusing on speed and agility. A prolific philanthropist, Tony might be the only celebrity trainer ever to make a living as a comedian: he pursued that career for a short time during the 1980s.
How to pay attention: Get inspired by checking out the creator of P90X on Facebook. Who's your favorite personal trainer and why? Share with us in the comments!