3 Dream Fitness Spaces and 6 More to Inspire You

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3 Dream Fitness Spaces and 6 More to Inspire You

Getting back into the grind of work life after a relaxing holiday can be tricky. While the computer screen begs for your undivided attention, you may find yourself gazing off into the distance dreaming about that space where you can indulge in a little downtime. Now there’s no way I could afford (in terms of space or money) to add any of these luxurious spaces to my two-bedroom apartment — but a girl can dream, right? We can all dream of a place where we can leave the world behind and attend to more important things, like soaking in a giant bubble bath while enjoying a breathtaking view.

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1. Light-filled yoga room. Ommm, yes, a light-filled yoga room is exactly where I’d like to be right now. While it’s easy enough to lay down a yoga mat just about anywhere around the house and greet the morning sun, having an entire room dedicated to it makes for a dreamy space. This yoga room was inspired by a grand tour around Europe and a study of Asian aesthetics. Its decor is simple and soothing, with a few throw cushions and cheerful houseplants.

The indoor-outdoor style of this yoga room is one of its most unique features. Open up your space with a floor-to-ceiling window to let the light and fresh air flow through and to be one with nature.

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2. Rock climbing wall. If you’re a bit of an adrenaline junkie, installing a rock climbing wall in your house will provide endless fun and fitness. You can go big or small, depending on your space. This home has an entire room devoted to wall climbing, with the safety of padded flooring, that all budding Spidermen will want to practice on.

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3. Personal tennis court. Realistically, tennis courts take up a huge amount of space and are a very expensive addition to a backyard — but you’re dreaming, right? So how about a hit of tennis out back on a warm summer night?

Tip: With a court like this, you could host your own tennis competition at home. Invite your friends over, wear your best tennis outfits and pretend to be Sharapova and Federer for the day.

4. Spacious home library. If you’re a class-A bookworm, you will find an at-home library the ultimate dream space. A room where you can kick back, relax and delve into the world of your favourite author.

5. Outdoor cinema. We all love a good movie, but sometimes going to the cinema is just a pain: lining up for a ticket only to find out the movie is sold out. Fighting the urge to shush strangers who feel the theater is the best place to catch up.

The solution? Set up an outdoor cinema. Watching your favorite film on a balmy night outside with people you enjoy is definitely something worth dreaming about.

6. Backyard escape. Everyone needs some alone time. Locking yourself in your bedroom or even going for a walk can normally do the trick, but collecting your thoughts in your own sanctuary out back seems like a much better way to have some “me” time.

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7. Dedicated craft room. Pablo Picasso once said, “Every child is an artist; the problem is staying an artist when you grow up.” If this is true, dedicating an entire room to your creativity may help you retain those artistic traits.

Creative spaces can range from a tiny desk with a cluttered inspiration board to a bright and cheerful room to get lost in.

8. Indoor-outdoor bathroom. If your idea of relaxing is sinking into a big bathtub and staring at nature’s wonders, an indoor-outdoor bathroom may be your ultimate luxurious retreat.

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