3 Free Email Marketing Templates for Fitness Professionals

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3 Free Email Marketing Templates for Fitness Professionals

We've already covered some great email marketing tips for gym operators and fitness professionals, and now we have three free email marketing templates for you to make reaching out to your members a little easier.

Included with the templates are images and guidelines featuring instructions on how to craft each email template to fit your gym. To download the templates, just enter your email address below.

'Welcome Email' Template

Who's it written for? Exercisers who have just joined your gym. The email encourages exercisers to schedule an appointment for orientation and to check out featured workouts.

'Friends & Family Promotion' Template

Who's it written for? Your members, letting them know your gym offers membership discounts for their friends and family. Below the text of the email are links to great equipment workouts.

'60 Day Check In' Template

Who's it written for? Your gym's exercisers who have been members for two months. This email encourages them to change their workout routine to keep them engaged and working toward their fitness goals.

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