3 Healthy Valentine's Day Date Ideas

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3 Healthy Valentine's Day Date Ideas

Valentine’s Day is approaching fast! Instead of your usual dinner-and-a-movie date, why not incorporate some exercise into the special day? After all, it has been said that couples who exercise together stay together. Here are some last-minute healthy Valentine's Day date ideas.

Get out and about

This Valentine’s Day, make plans to hit the gym together or go for an early-morning jog or after-dinner walk. A little friendly competition never hurt anyone – turn your jog into a race to see who can reach the goal first. If it’s been awhile since you laced up those ice skates (or if you’re feeling inspired by the Olympics), take to the ice with your significant other. Trying a new fitness class or sport can be a great way to grow closer, and can build some fun memories! You never know, it could turn into a new workout habit and contribute to your healthy lifestyle.

Be a cheap date

They say the best things in life are free. Valentine’s Day is no exception to that saying – going out with your significant other and having fun on this special day doesn’t have to be an expensive ordeal! Bike over to the beach to watch the sunrise or sunset together, or stargaze and try to see how many constellations you can find. If your city is one of the many that is currently covered in snow, embrace it. Bundle up, head outdoors, and have a contest to see who can build the best snowman, or have a good old-fashioned snowball fight.

Explore nature together

Valentine’s weekend would also be the perfect time to escape into nature together. Hike a new trail that you two have been dying to go to. Or pretend you’re competing at the Olympics and give skiing or snowboarding a try! You may not get a gold medal after your first run down the slopes, but you’ll catch on fast. You could even relive your childhood by going sledding. (No need to fret if you don’t have an actual sled on hand – try one of these sled alternatives that you probably have around the house somewhere.)

What are some of your favorite healthy Valentine’s Day activities? Tell us in the comments below!