3 Reasons to Network Your College Rec Center

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3 Reasons to Network Your College Rec Center

Networked fitness combines the best of two worlds: fitness and technology.

In today’s college world, these are two areas that take precedence alongside academics. College rec center operators: by meeting the demands of your students, staff, and community gym members, you’re providing a state-of-the-art exercise experience that gives them the chance to enhance their fitness journey.

Here are three reasons that you should strongly consider networking your college’s recreational center.


1. Encourage Students to Live Healthy Lives

Amidst the pressures to succeed academically and socially, many college students seek out ways to keep their stress levels down – some habits healthier than others. Studies have noted that students who visit their campus’s recreational facilities average higher GPAs than those who make no visits during the semester. Additionally, those students who visit the gym regularly exhibit “significantly lower stress levels than their peers and higher confidence in managing their social lives.”

Offering networked equipment at your rec center(s) presents students, staff, and community members with the chance to keep their fitness in check. Our cloud-based Preva® technology allows exercisers a completely personalized and easily accessible workout experience. By logging into their unique Preva accounts on networked Precor P80 cardio equipment, users are able to set fitness goals, track their progress, and earn motivational badges that will keep them coming back for more exercise.

Learn about how SUNY Cortland built a brand new recreational center to accommodate Precor networked fitness and strength products, and the positive outcomes they’ve experienced as a result.

2. Stay Current with Technology

As you well know, technology is a phenomenon that’s constantly changing. In this day and age, your students expect to be connected to the latest and greatest in technology wherever they go.

Having networked fitness in your facility not only gives students and staff a way of easily tracking their fitness progress, but also motivates them to work out more often. By networking our P80 consoles, found on the Precor 880 line of cardio machines, your center’s exercisers will be able to access a variety of integrated media experiences.

Students and staff can catch up on the latest episodes of their favorite television shows, watch Video On Demand playlists that will keep them pumped throughout the entirety of their workouts, and browse the web – all from the convenience of their own console. Our P80 cardio consoles will keep your exercisers engaged and connected during their time at the gym.

Preva software is also available on the Preva Mobile app through Android and iOS, meaning users can log their workouts while on-the-go. All workouts logged sync to their Preva account, helping them get one step closer to reaching their goals.

3. Track Usage Statistics

When your university’s students make the commitment to go to the gym and get their workout in, they want the best possible experience. Equipment that has stopped working and is needing to be fixed can result in people waiting around for the next open machine, or even just leaving the facility altogether. Equipment downtime can be discouraging or off-putting. Luckily, this can be avoided by keenly paying attention to your machines.

The Preva Business Suite makes this easy. Insights granted by it give your gym’s staff a look into real-time equipment usage trends and reports. Use this info to keep track of the operating condition of your machines, such as which ones are being used the most or which ones may not be functioning at optimal capability.

Also able to track Preva account holders’ workout, your rec center can use networked fitness as a way to hold fitness competitions.

When Arizona State University installed 275 pieces of networked fitness equipment in 2013, they held a two-month long “Cardio Challenge” that logged exercisers’ minutes. This successful challenge not only got gym users acquainted with the Preva networked fitness platform, but also helped them to work toward goals in favor of both prizes and general well-being.

Imagine it working for your college’s rec center: find out more about ASU’s Cardio Challenge.

Further, it’s worth looking at the College of Saint Benedict. They use Preva and usage statistics to rationalize their spend through account creation and cardio equipment usage. Simply enter your email to download our College of Saint Benedict case study below.

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