3 Reasons Why Networked Fitness Is the Future of Our Industry

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3 Reasons Why Networked Fitness Is the Future of Our Industry

An increasing number of exercisers just don’t do fitness anymore, they live it.  They’re using technology to monitor miles run, steps taken, calories burned, and goals met.  They’re counting on exercise equipment, mobile apps, and other tech tools to follow their fitness plans online, even allow them to read and be entertained as they work out. This movement is known as networked fitness, and what this means for the facility owner is a more dedicated exerciser and a more discriminating consumer.  More and more exercisers want a tech-friendly facility to accommodate their lifestyle.  Here are three reasons why networked fitness is the future of our industry:

1. As reported by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), obesity rates are climbing, forcing more and more people to come to terms with the need for a fitness plan.

And yet, facilities are struggling to keep members – a typical U.S. or European club loses about 30 percent of its members each year. Why? One reason might be that exercisers need new and engaging exercise experiences to help motivate them to stay on their fitness journey.

2. As the internet has become mainstream, it’s now a fitness tool.

Consumer broadband connections to the Internet will more than double globally, from 800 million in 2010 to 2.7 billion in 2015, according to a recent intelligence report by Business Insider. And a majority of these will be for mobile devices.

So it only makes sense that ever-increasing number of exercisers will seek to utilize it as a fitness tool or enhancement.

3. Networked fitness – products and services that use technology-based platforms to serve exercisers and facility operators – is emerging as an outgrowth of the first two trends.

Networked fitness offers a greater ability to guide, inspire, and entertain people while they exercise. Facility operators can also expect to boost their business with tools that make it easier to monitor and manage their equipment to better communicate with their exercisers.

There are many networked fitness providers in the industry. With so many options, how do you know the best choice for your facility and your exercisers?

Be sure that the provider you select is a proven leader in world-class customer service and support. Here are some other critical elements:

  • User experience: It’s important to have a clean, elegant interface without onscreen clutter to distract from the workout.
  • In-house software development: the software in your products should be of utmost quality and developed and tested by a dedicated in-house development team ensuring greater product security and stability.
  • Cloud-based architecture from the ground up: You want the ability to have software updates flashed over the web to each fitness-equipment console, thereby lowering maintenance time, cost and effort.

Precor offers our own networked-fitness solution called Preva®. Preva leverages the power of technology to meaningfully connect exercisers with their lifelong fitness journey, while delivering experiences that engage and motivate in ways that help them achieve their goals. For fitness operators, Preva provides solutions that increase retention of exercisers, optimize asset management of fitness equipment, and help drive more revenue.