3 Ways to Boost Your Gym's Social Media Presence

For Gym Operators

3 Ways to Boost Your Gym's Social Media Presence

For gyms and health clubs, it can be tough to communicate with your customers when they're focused on getting their workout in – often they have headphones on, and want nothing more than to hop on the elliptical for an hour and then get on with their busy day. That's where social media can come in. It should come as no surprise that outside of the gym, many of your customers are using social networks to keep up with everything from their friends to their favorite brands. So why not their favorite gym? Here are three ways to boost your gym's social media presence while adding value for your members.

Facebook and Twitter: Updates about class schedules and personal trainers

Chances are you have a Facebook and/or Twitter account for your gym, but what do you use it for? Make your gym's Facebook or Twitter account a place where members can count on updates regarding everything from class schedules to signing up for personal trainer sessions. Or maybe you're having new equipment installed – let your customers know that part of their membership dues are being put to good use. And if a member has a question, be sure to respond. It's an easy form of customer service that can go a long ways. Check out this post from Anytime Fitness Doreen:

Anytime Fitness Doreen

When you don't have news to share, you can always try starting a conversation with your members. On Twitter, it may be a one-on-one discussion. On Facebook, you can aim to create a community feeling. Even if you don't have your own content to share, you can find helpful fitness articles around the internet, or share content posted by other Pages you follow.

Anytime Fitness Milton

Yelp: Respond (nicely) to reviews

Many business owners don't take the time to respond to Yelp reviews – whether they're 5-star reviews, middling reviews, or poor reviews. Instead, take the time to respond to each individual review. Use a warm and friendly tone, and never take a negative or combative stance over a bad review. If you're responding to a good review, tell the reviewer you appreciate them taking the time to write it and that you'll see them at the gym. This can show members and potential members that you truly care about your customers and your business.

Foursquare: Offer check-in specials and perks for the mayor

A great move for any small business is to offer specials through Foursquare, the popular app in which users "check-in" to the places they visit.

Foursquare Mayorship

The special might be as simple as a small discount on a membership the first time newcomer checks-in at your gym. Another idea is to have a special reward for whoever holds your gym's mayorship. The mayorship to a location on Foursquare goes to the user who has the most check-ins at a location over a certain time period. Some businesses have gotten as creative as giving the mayor of their location a prime parking spot. Gym operators: What ways do you use social media to promote your gym? And exercisers, what would you like to see gyms do more of through social networks?

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