4 Tips for Your Family’s Healthy Halloween

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4 Tips for Your Family’s Healthy Halloween

Today’s the day when ghouls, witches, and princesses alike take to the streets in the ever-important quest of all that is delicious – Halloween candy!

Make this holiday a howlin’ good one -- stay safe and healthy by reading up on our tips below.


Walk instead of drive

When taking your adorably dressed little pirates and pumpkins out to collect some treats, hit the streets (or rather, sidewalks) to get some walking in.

As tempting as it may be to drive from one house to the next in those widely-spaced residential neighborhoods, you’ll get some great exercise in by walking (ahem – you’ll burn more calories to make room for the extra treats!).

Stay visible

The skies get dark early these days. Even if your child’s outfit entails being dark and spooky, make safety a priority by wearing reflective clothing or blinking lights, and by carrying a flashlight. Always use crosswalks, and stay on brightly lit pedestrian paths.

Hand out healthy treats

If you’re expecting trick-or-treaters at your house and haven’t yet stocked up on goodies, consider handing out some healthy alternatives to sugary candy.

Small toys like bouncy balls and bubbles are sure hits among the kids. If you do opt for something edible, choose foods with fewer calories and fat, such as individually wrapped packets of nuts or popcorn.

Pick and choose candy wisely

After you get home, go through your child’s bag of treats.

Let your child pick a few of his or her favorite candies, and either give away the rest, or save them to be eaten throughout the next few weeks. Any candies that are super high in sugar should be avoided, as should any treats that are homemade or not factory-wrapped.

We wish you a spooky good and healthy Halloween! What ways does your family stay healthy during this fun holiday?

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