4 Ways Your Hospitality Fitness Facility Can Deliver Exceptional Customer Service

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4 Ways Your Hospitality Fitness Facility Can Deliver Exceptional Customer Service

Is your property's fitness facility unstaffed?

Not surprisingly, many hospitality businesses are often in the position where they need to keep staffing costs at specific levels. And while maintaining high standards of customer service is of the utmost importance, the fitness facility comes second to other areas of guest care.

But even though your fitness facility may be unstaffed, you can still deliver exceptional customer service to exceed your guests' expectations by taking these four steps.

1. Keep your guests safe

Just because your fitness facility doesn't have a full-time employee doesn't mean your guests can't get in a great workout in a safe environment.

Make sure the facility has clear and obvious signage that advises guests of the proper ways to use the facility. No matter what equipment supplier you go through, you can ask them to provide informative posters and banners to keep safety a top priority for guests.

Moreover, the facility should be cleaned every day, and the machines should also be cleaned by following the instructions from the manufacturer. If feasible, have an employee check the gym every few hours to keep it clean and safe throughout the day (think: dirty towels on the floor or equipment that is out of its usual place).

2. Invest in reliable equipment

Still need to select the equipment for your fitness facility? Remember that low-cost may not save you any money in the long-term.

Make sure you're investing in reliable equipment (and read up on the pitfalls of buying used equipment). This will ensure the equipment has minimal downtime, which prevents a lot of frustration in an unstaffed gym. Furthermore, the equipment manufacturer should have top-notch after-sales support programs for those occasions when the equipment does need to be serviced.

Networked equipment from Precor can be monitored remotely, meaning employees aren't required in the facility to know if a piece of equipment is in need of service repairs.

3. Provide guidance and instructions

Without gym employees and trainers, you may think it would be difficult to inform guests about exercise programming.

Look for strength equipment with illustrations so exercisers can learn to use the equipment. With the Precor Discovery™ Series, the equipment features QR codes that exercisers can scan with their phones which lead to instructional videos.

And to make sure exercisers are getting the most of their workouts, you can feature posters in your facility with workouts from warm-up stretches to calorie-burning interval sessions.

4. Use technology to engage guests

Sure, an unstaffed fitness facility means you won't be able to regularly interact with guests inside the gym. However, there are two big ways technology can help you keep your guests engaged (even while they're not using the facility) -- make sure you're utilizing technology like customer-relationship management systems and social media.

With customer-relationship management systems, guests can answer questionnaires and read introductions through your website -- no staff member needed.

In addition, keep current and future guests up-to-date on all aspects of your business (including your fitness facility) with social media. Both Facebook and Twitter offer you the chance to engage with your customers and market to them. Every so often, share a fitness article and remind them of all that your fitness amenity has to offer.

Lastly, thank guests through digital signage (such as on TVs) after their workouts and try to generate secondary spend by promoting your property's restaurant or spa.