5 Job Settings for Personal Trainers

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5 Job Settings for Personal Trainers

In today's world, your credentials as a personal trainer can give you job options that extend far beyond working in fitness centers, health clubs or your own private studio. Your expertise may gain you entrance into an array of settings, including leisure, recreation, business, retirement and the home.

This broad scope of career possibilities makes it an exciting time to work in this field. Here are some areas where personal trainers regularly find employment.

Personal trainer job settings

1. Cruise Ships

Both large and small cruise lines offer their passengers physical training.

The demand for these trainer jobs has been created by fitness-conscious travelers who enjoy workouts and don't want to neglect them during their vacation. If you are interested in this area, Chron.com recommends applying through a recruiter, who can help polish your resume and provide guidance in the process. Opportunities to travel to far-away places while enjoying spectacular food are nice perks of this career.

2. Resorts and Spas

Recreational establishments like resorts and spas offer personal training services as inducements to attract customers.

Your role as a fitness instructor in this industry would revolve around educating, motivating and coaching guests in their workouts. If you don't want to work full time, check out the growing list of companies that offer bartering vacations, which would involve the exchange of your services as a trainer for a free stay at a resort. Hotels that employ trainers are often in scenic locations, providing a pleasant work environment.

3. Corporations

According to Personal Trainer, a current trend in business is to promote the health of staff members who spend prolonged periods sitting at their computers.

Your work in a corporation would be to conduct individualized or group training sessions that a company offers as a part of its wellness package. Full-time jobs in this area usually require either a degree in a health and fitness-related field or enough education and experience to be equivalent to a degree. Certifications from a national certifying board are also mandated. The corporate niche shows good growth potential for personal training careers.

4. Retirement Industry

According to the IDEA Health & Fitness Association, aging baby boomers have created a variety of career opportunities for personal trainers.

As this group moves into their golden years, they are generally interested in taking care of their health. One of your options in this industry would be to work in a retirement community's wellness program, where a position would include salary plus benefits. Depending on the specific job setting, the fitness level of your clients would range from robust to frail. Since staying active is one of the keys to happiness and wellness, your services would be of great value to seniors.

5. In Home

These jobs involve conducting a training program in the homes of clients. Even though the sessions don't involve amenities found in fitness centers like saunas, The New York Times reports that some clients prefer them for convenience and privacy. In-home jobs have their own advantages and disadvantages: you don't have to split your fees with a gym, but you do have to carry around heavy equipment. All things considered, the in-home setting may be a viable option, especially if your clients live in the same part of town as you.

Personal training is one of the most versatile jobs in fitness, allowing you to work when and where you want, all while helping people live healthier lives. With so many choices for job settings, there's something that will appeal to almost everyone.

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