5 Movies That Will Inspire You to Get Fit

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5 Movies That Will Inspire You to Get Fit

There are times it’s tough to get up the gumption to go to the gym (or even venture downstairs to the elliptical). But, don’t be discouraged – one of your favorite flicks may be just the answer you’re looking for. In addition to providing a few hours of escapism, movies can be terrific work-out motivators.

So let your favorite pastime be less passive by using the five movies listed below to inspire you to get on that treadmill!

GI Jane

Many actors have built a six-pack for an action role, but few have gotten down to the seemingly negative body fat percentage of Demi Moore in this 1997 film. Demi reportedly had two personal trainers on set who challenged her with everything from accordion crunches and military presses to duck squats and hanging leg raises. Famous scene for her: One-armed push-ups Practical exercise for you: Two-armed push-ups

Rocky 1-6

The world’s most beloved underdog, Rocky Balboa takes on everyone from Apollo Creed (twice) to a crazy-eyed, impossibly built Communist. Pounding sides of beef and bounding up the stairs of the Philadelphia Museum of Art are two exercises that may not be in your morning routine, but consider a few rounds with a punching bag the next time you’re at the gym. Famous scene for him: Just cut me, Mick Practical exercise for you: Stairs!


Inspiring men across America to take long, hard looks in the mirror, the ab revolution we know as “300” was a beautiful, moving painting starring beautiful, impossibly built men. In addition to making slow motion battle all the rage, “300” showed what the human body was capable of looking like – if you had personal chefs, trainers, and a million dollar payday to keep you on track, of course. Even absent these things, however, “300” can motivate you to build a better body. Famous scene for him: WE. ARE. SPARTA! Practical exercise for you: Crunches

The Karate Kid

With so many terrific training montages, “The Karate Kid” can’t help but be great motivation from start to finish. Whether it’s Daniel Larusso’s first lesson with car care or trying to maintain his balance one-legged in the ocean, the teen (played by Ralph Macchio) is the picture of discipline, grit and heart.  And who couldn’t use a Mr. Miyagi to coach and encourage? Fun fact: the man who directed the first “Rocky” also directed “The Karate Kid.” Famous scene for him: Wax on, wax off! Practical exercise for you: High leg kicks

The Cutting Edge

Watching Moira Kelly wipe the ice with D.B. Sweeney is a guilty pleasure any girl can get behind (and plenty of fellas as well). The training montages in this 90s gem will inspire even the most sedentary to get off the sofa. Incorporate a little fun banter into a workout with a friend and you will have burned a few candy bars’ worth of calories before you know it. Famous scene for them: Toe-pick! Practical exercise for you: Calf raises Not enough motivation for you? Feel free to check out “Fight Club,” “Troy,” “Million Dollar Baby,” and “Gladiator” (both of them, really) as a few other options to get you moving!

What is your favorite fitness movie? Let us know in the comments!