5 Questions Your New Members Want to Ask

For Gym Operators

5 Questions Your New Members Want to Ask

If you’re a gym operator, chances are it’s been a long time since you first joined a fitness club. It can be challenging to put yourself in your new members’ sneakers, but when you create your facility’s onboarding experience, you have to anticipate what they need to know.

Here are a few questions that you can answer before someone asks, so you can make your club an empowering addition to your new members’ lives.

Where do I find the resistance bands?

They may have taken a tour of the facility after joining, but during that tour a new member is presented with a lot of information. In a new environment with unfamiliar equipment, even a person with the sharpest memory might forget where something is at a later point.

Whether the question is where to find equipment on the gym floor, which basket is for used towels, or where on the website to find the class schedule, putting together a cheat sheet for members will help them get answers sooner and free up staff to address workout-related questions.

When is the beginner Spinning® class scheduled?

Speaking of the schedule, be sure to keep it accessible and up to date! It is no use to anyone if class information is inaccurate or impossible to find. To make it easy for your members to plan their workouts, include a prominent link to the schedule on your gym’s home page and hard copies of the week’s class listing in the facility.

A weekly or monthly newsletter is also a good way to ensure your members stay informed of the club’s offerings. Exercisers can’t attend classes they don’t know about, so making information readily available is crucial to maximizing attendance, improving member satisfaction, and boosting retention rates.

Who can help me reach my goals?

Imagine the following scenario: a new member is not considering personal training at all – until they learn that one of your staff members specializes in an area where they would like to improve. You can make this situation a reality – and increase revenue – by giving members access to personal trainers’ profiles.

Profiles should include details such as the trainers’ areas of expertise, certifications, subjects of interest, and training styles. Having this information will help each member partner with the trainer who is best equipped to instruct and motivate them to reach their goals. Your staff will likely also be happier if they gain clients who take advantage of their strengths as a trainer. With the right guidance, your members are more likely to reach their goals, and a member who succeeds is a satisfied member.

Why was I charged this fee?

Be transparent and ditch complicated contracts. Members respect conditions that are fair and straightforward, and while you’re surely not trying to trick anyone, try to look at your terms through their eyes and pinpoint areas that might be confusing. The last thing you want is for a member who feels duped to run to social media and scream their dismay from the metaphorical hilltops.

Amid fierce competition in the club industry and the fact that it’s easier than ever for people to share their opinions of businesses, it only takes a handful of vocal online posters to tarnish your facility’s public reputation. Earn your members’ trust and it will benefit you in the long run.

What should I aim to achieve by working out?

Your recent member may be new to both your gym and to fitness in general. They know they want to get in shape, but what exactly does that mean and how should they set their goals? Offering guidance is where your club and staff can shine. Someone who feels like they’re floundering with an aimless workout is far more likely to quit, so a solid starting fitness plan can make the difference between a positive and negative experience for your members.

You have the answers and resources to help them set realistic, achievable goals and put them on the path to success. Some people may not seek assistance on their own out of embarrassment or intimidation, so take the first step and approach them in a helpful, friendly manner. You can define their goals with a new member survey or, even better, a no-pressure one-on-one welcome meeting with a personal trainer to discuss what the member wants to achieve and plan a starting workout regimen.

Joining a gym – especially as a fitness novice – can be an overwhelming experience for members, but with these considerations in mind, your club can quickly become their new favorite place.

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