51 Fitness Hashtags to Help You Achieve Your Goals

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51 Fitness Hashtags to Help You Achieve Your Goals

With so many amazing fitness experts and personal trainers on the social network and incredible numbers of people sharing inspiration daily, it's a no-brainer to take advantage of Twitter to help you along in your fitness journey.

But with tweets coming at you virtually every second, it can sometimes be hard to keep it all organized. The solution? Hashtags to the rescue! In fact, we've put together this list of 51 fitness hashtags so you can find all of the very best tweets for you.

(And don't forget – we're talking Twitter, though you can also use many of these hashtags to search Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest to discover and share content.)

Fitness Twitter Chats

Twitter chats are great for discovering a community of like-minded users, and there are several excellent ones within the fitness industry.

Whether you have a question you'd like to ask a fitness expert or you're just looking for a community to join, check out these chats:

  • #abcDRBchat: Tuesdays at 1 p.m. ET/10 a.m. PT with ABC News' Chief Health and Medical Editor Dr. Richard Besser
  • #FitFluential: Check for chats and times on their Twitter account
  • #HealthyChat: Every other Thursday at 9 p.m. ET/6 p.m. PT
  • #RunChat: 1st and 3rd Sundays of each month at 10 p.m. ET/7 p.m. PT and the 2nd and 4th Sundays of each month at 8 p.m. ET/5 p.m. PT

Do you have a favorite Twitter chat that we missed? Let us know in the comments and we'll add it to the list!

Getting and Staying Healthy

These hashtags are perfect for finding articles and advice for living a healthy life.

  • #GetHealthy
  • #HealthyLife
  • #HealthTalk

Healthy Eating

Are you interested in a specific diet or just eating better overall? Try one of these hashtags for plenty of resources.

Fuel up wisely at trade shows

  • #EatClean
  • #EatLocal
  • #FitFood
  • #GlutenFree
  • #HealthyEating
  • #HealthyRecipes
  • #Nutrition
  • #Paleo
  • #Vegan

Motivation & Quotes

There are tons of places to find fitness inspiration on the internet, and Twitter is definitely one of those places. Use the below hashtags to find everything from quotes for motivating you to encouragement from fellow exercisers.

  • #FitQuote
  • #FitnessMotivation
  • #Fitspo
  • #GetFit
  • #GoalSetting
  • #YouCanDoIt
  • #FitnessGoals
  • #TrainHard
  • #NoExcuses


For all of you dedicated runners out there, Twitter is home to plenty of running tweets where you can find tips as well as share your achievements. But best of all might be the #SeenOnMyRun hashtag, full of beautiful Instagram pictures from your fellow dashing comrades.

Precor Running

  • #Marathon
  • #MarathonTraining
  • #MondayMiles
  • #Runners
  • #RunningTips
  • #SeenOnMyRun
  • #TrailRun

Working Out & General Fitness Hashtags

Looking for a new workout routine? Or maybe you just want to share that Preva badge you just unlocked.

Whatever the case, you can use these more general hashtags whenever you give an update about your fitness progress. Moreover, you can search these hashtags to find popular Twitter users who share daily motivation and content.

  • #Cardio
  • #Cycling
  • #Elliptical
  • #FitFam
  • #FitLife
  • #Fitness
  • #FitnessAddict
  • #GetOutside
  • #GetStrong
  • #GirlsWhoLift
  • #GymLife
  • #GymTime
  • #NoPainNoGain
  • #PersonalTrainer
  • #Sweat
  • #Treadmill
  • #Weights
  • #WeightTraining
  • #Workout

What are some fitness hashtags you keep track of on a regular basis?

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