6 Healthy Summertime Recipes

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6 Healthy Summertime Recipes

Ah, summer… The time of barbeques and swimsuits – two things that seem incompatible (see: bacon baked beans) but remain staples of season. Which presents a conundrum: how do you maintain a fit body while indulging in fun weekend revelry?

Fear not, good reader; there are ways. Below are six healthy versions of popular dishes guaranteed to let you enjoy all of the season’s flavors with little to none of the guilt.

Lettuce-wrapped burgers

While we all appreciate the crunch of a good, toasted bun, carbs are often the enemy of a slimming strategy. But this is no reason not to enjoy America’s favorite meat product: the grilled hamburger.  Simply replace the bread with some crispy lettuce and dive into your feast. (Conveniently, leaves of iceberg lettuce are already suited for the use.)

There are, however, a few things to keep in mind. One, portion control is important. Quarter- to third-pound sizes are perfect for a meal. Any more and you risk over-indexing on the fat. If you add cheese, consider using a low fat and/or thinly sliced variety. And there are many ways to add flavor without piling on the calories – consider condiments like pickles and mustard. As always, watch out for the salt content!

Ginger-citrus fruit salad

This impossibly fresh palate-cleanser is made with multiple types of citrus fruits, mixed with ginger then drizzled with honey. It’s so yummy that you may want to eat it over some low-fat ice cream as dessert.

Light potato salad

This picnic essential probably conjures images of thick, fat-saturated mayo. But good news - fat is not always your only option for flavor! This recipe uses egg whites and (only) one-quarter-cup of low fat mayo, shaving off calories without sacrificing taste. Pepper and celery provide flavor and crunch respectively.

Grilled potatoes

For a variation of a potato product, look no further than here for instructions on grilling spuds. They’re fans of boiling new potatoes, painting them with lemon vinaigrette and tossing them on the grill. The result? A crispy, grill-marked side dish that isn’t even bad for you!

Spiced chicken with grilled peach salsa

Not a red meat eater? We’ve got you covered. This gem of a recipe adds spice and tang to the relatively bland grilled chicken by using exotic herbs and innovative flavor combinations. The best part? The result is delicious. The second best part? It clocks in at under 300 calories a serving!

“Skinny” margarita

While most of us aren’t going to entirely give up alcohol – even if it would assist the waistline – margaritas tend to be one of the most caloric drinks. So do we have to abstain from our south-of-the-border favorite in lieu of less flavorful alternatives?

Real Housewife Bethenny Frankel thinks not. Luckily for us, she likes to drink… and be skinny. By analyzing what tends to be the most caloric part of a margarita (the mixers), Frankel has concocted a replacement. Drink it with abandon, but not to excess…

What are your favorite healthy summertime recipes?  Please share them with us in the comments!

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