6 Unique Spring and Summer Fitness Events

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6 Unique Spring and Summer Fitness Events

Are you the type of person who'd only consider running if zombies were chasing you? Or maybe you're not afraid to get a little dirty while racing in an obstacle course? Every spring and summer, traditional fitness-related events (like marathons) take place. But for those adventurous souls out there looking to add some extra fun in achieving their fitness goals, you're in luck! All kinds of unusual fitness events are happening this year, and we've put together a list of some of the craziest spring and summer fitness events out there.

The Zombie Run

Due to the success of shows like "The Walking Dead" and movies like "World War Z," Zombie events are becoming increasingly popular. When you sign up for The Zombie Run, you have the opportunity to choose between three different runs: The Zombie Run, The Zombie Run: Extreme and The Zombie Run: Black Ops. Each of these options is rated for a different skill level, so everyone has the opportunity to participate. The Black Ops race is a nighttime obstacle course, and this definitely sets it apart from other events.

5K Flash Mob

The Fool's Run 5K Flash Mob is a highly unusual fitness event because participants won't be aware of the exact time and location of the race until the night before it begins. What is known so far is that participants will be gathering in Beaufort, South Carolina, on March 28 at the Point Around the Point. This race is intended for people of all skill levels, and will benefit St. Jude Children's Research Hospital.

The Color Run

The purpose of The Color Run is to encourage people to complete a 5K by making it an extremely colorful experience. In fact, it's highly recommended for each participant to wear white so that the dousing of colors they receive ever kilometer will be as visible as possible. At the end of the event, every runner is able to partake in the Finish Festival with music and dancing. 


Tough Mudder

If you have already completed several marathons and obstacle courses without any difficulty, you might want to consider signing up for a Tough Mudder event to truly test your limits. These mud races are only suitable for individuals at an advanced fitness level, and they feature obstacles such as Berlin Walls, the Cage Crawl and Underwater Tunnels. Tough Mudder races happen throughout the world, find an event near you today. 

Spartan Race

Spartan Race is another option for people who want to push themselves, and the company behind the race hosts three different types of timed obstacle courses: Spartan Sprint, Super Spartan, and Spartan Beast. None of these races are for beginners, but the Spartan Sprint has a 99.9 percent completion rate, so it is definitely the easiest option even though it spans three miles and includes 15 obstacles. 

ODDyssey Half Marathon

Individuals who are not experienced enough yet to go through an obstacle course or run a full marathon should consider joining a fitness event like the ODDyssey Half Marathon. This event stands apart from many other half marathons because each person who finishes the race will get a medal with a built-in beer opener and a commemorative pint glass, and those who are 21 and older will also get free beer. Additionally, there will be live music throughout the course, and runners are encouraged to wear a costume. Photo courtesy of Flickr user memories_by_mike.