7 Dynamite Winter Sports to Keep You Moving

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7 Dynamite Winter Sports to Keep You Moving

While those of you in Arizona, California, or Florida may still be able to take your early morning jog, many of us are being buried in layers of bulky sweaters, down coats, and snow.

So how are we to keep fit when fireplaces and playoff football call? It’s going to take something DYNAMITE to get us out into the subzero world. Below are seven winter sports (including a couple indoor ones) that fit that order.

1. Ice skating

No longer reserved for the petite Dorothy Hamills of the world, ice skating is a fun activity that can be enjoyed by all shapes and sizes. While most of us will be satisfied with remaining upright on our blades (harder said than done), more advanced skaters may want to experiment with a few basic spins or figure eights.

2. Hockey

Kids across the Midwest yearn for a deep freeze that will turn shallow ponds into hockey rinks. This famed cold weather sport is great fun for those of us lucky enough to have the appropriate equipment, balance, and gumption. Always remember to wear your mouthguard – blank spaces in a smile work much better on the pros than you.

3. Cross-country skiing

Another great activity for burning calories, cross country skiing is a beautiful sport that allows you to appreciate the grandeur of nature while improving your heart rate, stamina, and waistline. Until you’re sure this is the sport for you, however, you should consider renting the equipment – skiing, both downhill and cross country, can have pretty sizable price tags on gear.

4. Snowboarding

This increasingly popular winter sport was added to the Olympics in 1998.

A takeoff on skateboarding, sledding, surfing, and skiing, snowboarding is becoming so prevalent that Utah proposed putting it on their state quarter (a railroad spike won out). Shawn White’s favorite pastime has a fairly high injury rate, however, particularly with beginners who haven’t received proper instruction – so before you head down the hill, be sure to take a lesson or two!

5. Snow kayaking

Also known as “snowboating,” snow kayaking is a relatively new “extreme” sport.

With thousands of online videos like this, snow kayaking can seem more like a party than a sport. Waxed kayaks scream down steep slopes as opposed to whitewater rapids – though in both cases, you should beware the flip. If you get REALLY good at it, there are a number of international tournaments in exotic locales like Estonia and Lithuania.

6. Bowling

See if you’re a kingpin by tossing a few frames of America’s favorite (indoor) pastime. Great for all ages, bowling is one of the few “competitive” activities that all skill levels enjoy. In fact, being too good is almost as frowned upon as being too bad.

And as an added bonus, you can look forward to seeing some amazing fashions from the more serious rollers… and not just on their feet.

7. Racquetball

Great for some competitive cardio, racquetball is like tennis on steroids. Close quarters, balls ricocheting off multiple surfaces, and foggy eyewear are merely a few of the challenges of this demanding sport. Try to match your skill level to an opponent’s, however – the possibility of injury is great if one person knows what they’re doing and the other doesn't.

What are your favorite sports to play in the long, cold winter months?  Let us know in the comments!