7 Household Items You Can Use as Fitness Equipment

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7 Household Items You Can Use as Fitness Equipment

It’s the holiday season, so chances are, you won’t always have access to your favorite gym or at-home equipment. Let's be honest -- you may even be spending a few days away from home with your (gasp!) relatives. So how can you keep in shape? Well, as much as we here at Precor love commercial-quality home gym equipment, there are a few stop-gap items you can use to stay in top condition without access to fitness equipment. And luckily, most of these household items can be found in any home. (Of course, don't ignore the basics like jumping jacks, squats, sit-ups, and wall sits.)

Handled laundry detergents = strength training

When push-ups are no longer fitting the bill (either by exhaustion or boredom), turn to your handy and handled household laundry detergents for help. Available in a variety of weights, these homemade dumbbells are certain to bolster your biceps. If your relatives prefer powder detergent, however, turn to milk gallons – though an inopportune spill may not go over well.

Counters and chairs = strength training, part 2

Tricep dips are made easy (well, at least possible) against kitchen countertops or in armed chairs But avoid doing these at the family dinner table during your fancy revelries! Some relatives may not understand…

Rugs = exercise mats

Miss that yoga? Try your downward dog on a carpet or area rug.

Stairs = stair machine

We know – this is kind of cheating. But if the real thing is available, why not break a sweat by pounding up the stairs a few (or twenty) times?

Dog pull toys = resistance training

Not every home has a dog, but if you happen to be in one, a popular toy for Fido is often a rubber pull toy. You can either engage the puppy in a friendly tug-of-war, or pull a side per hand to work your pecs. No dog and thus no pull toys? Try a towel.

Gifts = be the elf!

Now this won’t burn off much more than a cookie, but delivering gifts to your loved ones is the most fun “exercise” of the holiday season. We at Precor wish you and yours a very happy holiday! What other household items have you used as fitness equipment? Let us know in the comments.