7 of Our Favorite Fitness Bloggers You Should Be Reading

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7 of Our Favorite Fitness Bloggers You Should Be Reading

There are fitness bloggers and then there are fitness bloggers. You know, the kind of bloggers who can provide a unique, helpful and often funny perspective on what it means to get and stay fit – and who stick with it through rain, snow, babies, and the innate human tendency to procrastinate anything that involves getting off of the couch.

So who are some of our favorite fitness bloggers, both in physical health and in the written word? Let’s take a look.

1. Girls Gone Strong

Girls Gone Strong

“Thou shalt not require assistance moving furniture.”

So reads the featured quote on the Girls Gone Strong website, which appears on the back of a T-shirt worn by a woman flexing an impressive bicep. The image is perfectly in line with the Girls Gone Strong theme, which seeks to inspire women to work toward building healthy and strong bodies, rather than getting thin. Created by three fitness experts -- Neghar Fonooni, Molly Galbraith and Alli McKee -- the blog discusses everything to do with strength training, nutrition, and how to stay pumped up. This is one blog that's hard not to read and feel inspired!

2. Nerd Fitness

Nerd Fitness

If you live your life by the social rules outlined in any number of 80s teen movies, there’s no way the term “nerd” should co-exist on a list about jocks.

Nerd Fitness not only proves this misconception wrong but it also makes working out look like the nerdiest thing you could possibly do. A recent post entitled, “10 Ways to Level Up Your Life in 5 Minutes or Less” uses the metaphor of Optimus Prime’s transformation to suggest quick and easy ways to jump-start your fitness goals, and this is pretty representative of the blog as a whole. While this is obviously motivating for all who love nerd culture (the blog’s mission is to help “desk jockeys” and “average joes”), the unique and fun perspective is sure to inspire a wider audience.

3. Blogilates


If you’ve always wanted to give Pilates a whirl but suffer from a little gymtimidation, Blogilates is a peppy way to dip your toes into the Pilates waters from the comfort of your own home.

Created by Cassey Ho, a certified fitness instructor who decided to head out on her own rather than to medical school, Blogilates provides helpful guidance for beginners as well as a steady stream of new workouts sent directly to newsletter subscribers. Ho is always fun and cheerful, and there is a well-stocked library of resources to help followers plan their meals and choose healthy recipes. Plus, there are more cute workout clothes to buy in the store than your credit card possibly has room for.

4. Ultra Runner Girl

Ultra Runner Girl

For the uninitiated, ultra running refers to any race of over 50 kilometers (approximately 31.07 miles), often reaching as much as 100 miles and lasting for 6 days.

As if that wasn’t hardcore enough, Stephanie Case of Ultra Runner Girl trains and races in many high conflict regions such as Afghanistan and Sudan, where she conducts her work as a human rights advisor. Inspired yet? You will be when you read her blog, which documents her adventures.

5. Workout Mommy

Workout Mommy

Finding time to exercise as a working professional can be difficult enough. Add kids into the mix, and it can seem like your fitness goals are gone forever.

Workout Mommy addresses these constraints, suggesting routines, habits and strategies for the busy parent. The mom behind the blog -- Lisa -- is a certified personal trainer with four boys to care for, and she regularly features inspiring fit moms who admit to the hurdles and then leap right over them.

6. Black Girls RUN!

Black Girls RUN!

When Ashley Hicks and Toni Carey Founded Black Girls RUN!, it was in part to document their own fitness journey, but also to inspire other black women to get fit and beat the growing obesity epidemic within their community.

The blog has become something of a movement since then, with 65,000+ members in their associated running groups across the country. When they’re not gathering at events, community members meet via the blog, where they can consume articles about getting fit, eating right, and embracing their personal style.

7. Cranky Fitness

Cranky Fitness

If the blogs listed so far have left you with a far too peppy feeling, then Cranky Fitness might be for you.

As founder Jan Graham puts it, “Healthy living is a pain in the ...” (we’ll let you fill in the blank). The blog offers witty commentary on this tenet, as well as everything from workout tips to healthy snack recipes, and attracts a loyal group of “cranketeers” who help support each other through the blog’s comments. All in all, this blog is a nice antidote for those motivated more by humor and sarcasm than cheery people in spandex.

Photo courtesy of Flickr user William Hook.