7 Ways for Personal Trainers to Make Client Training Sessions More Effective

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7 Ways for Personal Trainers to Make Client Training Sessions More Effective

There is more to leading personal training sessions than simply compiling a list of exercises for your clients to perform. As a personal trainer, you want to make sure your clients are getting the most out of their sessions with you. Use the following techniques to ensure your clients reach their fitness goals.


1. Give Your Client a Chance

If your clients are new to the world of exercise, don't be too hard on them; don't expect them to pull off four sets of 30 dead lifts right away. To make your clients' workouts more effective, work with them to determine their fitness level, and help them progress at a bearable pace to a fitness level that's right for them. Also, it is important for you to know your clients' fitness goals so you can help them have a successful journey to fitness.

2. Give Homework

Many clients train once or twice a week with their trainer and then don't work out the rest of the week. To help your clients stay on track, give them homework, such as jogging one mile twice a week before going to their scheduled training session. By giving homework, you help your clients establish accountability.

3. Make the Client Accountable

Making your clients accountable for their activities outside of training sessions can make training sessions more effective and helps clients fit their new exercise routine into their life. You could make Fridays "Accountability Fridays," and have your clients tally their workouts and food intake. Also, according to Charlotte Libov and Dr. Lindsey Marcellin of Everyday Health, using a measuring tape can add to the effectiveness of training sessions because clients can measure their success in inches lost, encouraging clients to keep working out.

4. Be Consistent

Establishing a routine for each client and showing up on time for each session is crucial for establishing effective personal training. Consistency should also be shown when motivating a client. A way to show consistency through motivation is to end each training session on a positive note with information about your client's progress and words of encouragement.

5. Motivate

To increase your clients' motivation, find specific exercises that they enjoy. In a study by the University of Pittsburgh, individuals who engaged in more frequent enjoyable leisure activities had better psychological and physical functioning, which may help your clients achieve, and even exceed, their fitness goals.

6. Add Variety

Doing the same workout day in and day out leads to a loss of motivation. To make workouts more effective for the client, adding variety is key. Instead of having a client work out on machines, add a calisthenics workout into the mix. You can also incorporate stretching and flexibility exercises to personal training sessions, which, according to the Mayo Clinic, help improve your clients' range of motion and improve blood circulation throughout the body.

Another way to make your clients' sessions more effective is to take some of your clients' workout sessions outside. In the article, Benefits of Exercising Outdoors, Gretchen Reynolds states that exercising outdoors is good because it stresses muscles differently than when a person only works out indoors. Workouts outdoors bring a whole new dynamic to a person's training, which can make workouts more exciting. Also, according to Reynolds, not only do outdoor training sessions bring a positive dynamic to a person's physical training, outside sessions may also improve your clients' stress levels, and increase their self-esteem and vitality.

7. Be Organized

Organization is one of the keys to successful training sessions because it shows that you care about your clients' time. The study by the University of Pittsburgh showed that being organized reduced mental and physical stress, which can make your client more likely to focus on the task at hand and maximize their efforts during personal training sessions.

Keep in mind that each person is different and what might work for some may not sit well with others. To establish ways to make each individual clients' training sessions effective you should use discernment, keep an open mind and always have a positive frame of mind.