8 Effective Ways to Reignite Your Workout

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8 Effective Ways to Reignite Your Workout

For many people, the regular and repetitive nature of training can be one of the easiest ways to lose focus and passion. While it has its benefits, completing the same routine on an excessive, regular basis does little to motivate. The best way to work around this is to reignite your workout routine with some new, interesting changes.

Here are eight ways to reignite your workout.

8 Effective Ways To Reignite Your Workout And Stay In Shape

Introduce New Exercises

When the same old routine becomes boring and uninspiring, it’s time to try something new.

New exercises should replace existing routines. A great example of this is simply changing the stance of an exercise, such as using sumo deadlifting to replace regular deadlifts. Likewise, you can also change the exercise entirely, as well as changing the loads and repetitions, as long as it still focuses on the same muscle area.

Try New Equipment

On a similar note, a change in equipment can also be an effective way to upgrade your existing regime.

As a prime example, bench presses are useful for both women and men, yet often leave people feeling unsatisfied or unfulfilled by their workout. It’s also often in use in the gym, so why not try something new? Replace bench presses with cable chest presses, using a flat bench and cable pulleys.

HIIT Sessions Once a Week

If you work out numerous times throughout the week, or just really need a big upgrade, try introducing HIIT sessions once every week or two.

HIIT, short for high-intensity interval training, involves changing intensity levels between low, moderate and high throughout a single training session. This causes your body to react to the changes, as well as the shock of a new experience. It also encourages advanced rest times, compared to typical resistance-based programs.

Work Out Away From the Gym

There’s no rule that says you have to stay in the gym every single day. Sometimes, a change of scenery can be a big improvement, especially if you appreciate fresh air and outdoor environments. Running is a great exercise outside, for example.

Also, why not consider the likes of hiking, rock climbing, and jump training for added intensity? If you have access to water areas, you can also try canoeing and swimming for more effective upgrades.

Find a Training Partner

Many people visit the gym on their own, but this can sometimes cause you to be lazy, complacent, and perhaps even lonely as a result.

As an added bonus, having a training partner enables you to increase the load amounts on various exercises, such as the military press. A dedicated partner provides a trusted spotter when you hit the gym, allowing you to push your limits with more weights.

Focus on Bodyweight Training

Many people assume the gym is vital to their training yet, if you have access to the relevant equipment, you don’t need the gym to get the benefits and gains.

You can, once a month or two, dedicate a whole week to pure bodyweight training, as this will allow you to improve your endurance and muscle mass. This is actually important, as even those who undertake large bench-pressing sessions can only achieve a small number of push-ups. For the week itself, split the days as follows:

  1. Training the upper body
  2. Training the lower body
  3. Training the upper body
  4. Training the lower body
  5. Rest
  6. Rest
  7. Rest

Alternating the upper and lower body areas allows your muscles 24 hours of rest between sessions, which is enough time to let protein repair injured muscles while encouraging active muscle growth.

During your rest days, avoid physical training for the muscle areas you have targeted. Overtraining, especially after an intense week like this, can lead to injury and a loss of gains.

Enter Competitions

Competitions provide a great short-term goal, which can provide fantastic motivation when you are otherwise lacking in focus. Such contests can range across a variety of areas, such as bodybuilding or powerlifting.

This competitive element gives you both an area to focus on, as well as a time frame. Entering events three to six months away, for instance, gives you something to work toward. Even if you don’t win, the motivation to participate is more than enough to boost your workout.

Improve Your Dieting Methods

A change of goals will cause you to reassess everything, taking proper training and dieting into account.

If you’re planning to bulk up in muscle mass, you need to take in more calories to support your heavy lifts and extra weight. This can be complemented later on with a period of cardio exercises and a low-calorie diet.

Follow these suggestions and your workouts should be reignited, exciting, and more effective than ever.

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