8 Roles to Complete Your New Gym’s Staff

For Gym Operators

8 Roles to Complete Your New Gym’s Staff

Hiring a solid team for your new gym may seem overwhelming, but having an understanding of what each role does and what you should look for in your future employees will help ease your hiring load.

Here are the foundational positions you should hire to complete your gym’s staff.

Fitness Memberships Sales Manager

The Sales Manager is the position that brings the people in the door and helps you reach your gym revenue targets. This position will also help manage the staff and keep them motivated to perform to your members’ expectations. Find a candidate who can generate sales revenue yet also see your members as individuals rather than just dollar signs.

Operations Manager

An efficient, smooth-running gym is the result of an excellent Operations Manager, one of the most pivotal roles in your gym. This manager directs the staff, ensures proper maintenance of the facility, and diplomatically handles any issues. Find a candidate who is not only a good manager, but has a spirit of diplomacy and customer service with your members.

Group Fitness Instructors

Whether you’re offering yoga, spin, circuit training or any number of group fitness classes, energetic and motivating Group Fitness Instructors will make or break a class. Look for enthusiastic teachers who have group exercise experience and enjoy watching students achieve their fitness goals.

Certified Personal Trainers

Individualized attention is important to members, especially those looking for a Certified Personal Trainer. This position requires being personable, approachable and knowledgeable in exercise program design. Hire personal trainers who are certified, yet have a desire to continue learning new techniques and strategies to help their clients achieve their goals.

Maintenance Personnel

As a franchisee, this position may be contracted out. Nevertheless, your maintenance staff will help your gym looking its best, whether it’s fixing tiles in the locker rooms, polishing the basketball court, or replacing the blinking light in the group fitness room. This position requires a ‘jack of all trades’ – one who can look at an issue and come up with a solution on the spot.

Service Technicians

If a machine breaks down during your busy time, a Service Technician will save the day. This position knows the equipment inside and out – or at least isn’t afraid to consult the service manual. For your service technician, it’s ideal to hire someone with experience in electrical and mechanical equipment.

Front Desk Staff

As the first point of contact for your gym, your Front Desk Staff must be knowledgeable, customer service oriented, and overall pleasant people. As the go-to people for member questions and issues, look for staff who are enthusiastic and that members look forward to seeing when they return.

Marketing and Outreach Manager

In charge of creating campaigns and promotions, the Marketing and Outreach Manager helps bring prospective members into your gym while also supporting program communication. This position creates brochures, fliers, ads, and other marketing material for both internal and external marketing campaigns. Hire someone with a creative mind and energetic spirit to help promote and sell your gym’s benefits.

As your gym continues to grow, there are many more positions you can fill, but these will provide you with a solid foundation to help your gym meet its targets, and also help your members reach their personal fitness goals.