8 Ways to Make Your Runs More Fun

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8 Ways to Make Your Runs More Fun

They advise putting one foot in front of the other – but how long will that keep you interested? Whether walking, jogging, running, strolling or strutting, moving your legs for long periods of time can be daunting. Surely there must be something better to think about than the endless journey toward the finish line.

Well, you’re in luck. These eight strategies will help you make your runs more fun, no matter the distance.


1. Race a pal

Get those competitive juices flowing by heading out to the trails (or track) with a friend. No matter who technically wins, you can push through a lot of the malaise with some polite rivalry.

2. Watch an addictive television show

And ONLY let yourself watch that show when you’re running (this obviously requires a treadmill). Favorite suggestions include: Band of Brothers (after all, they had to fight Nazis – you can make it through a run) or sitcoms like 30 Rock and Parks and Recreation that fit perfectly into 22-minute workout slots.

3. Chart your progress

Athletes are competitive – even with themselves. Whether it’s through Preva, a Fitbit or another app, being able to visually chart your efforts at a run’s conclusion will motivate you to improve on it the next time.

4. End at fun locations

We all know we’re supposed to enjoy the journey – but the destination can be pretty fantastic as well. If you’re in a city, choose a landmark you’ve never visited, but would like to. If you’re in the country, pick a neighbor’s house or favorite local store.

5. Playlist shuffle

Put your favorite playlist on shuffle, and when an artist of your choosing plays, you sprint for that 2 and a half minutes. Examples may be names that begin with a certain letter or when a song mentions something specific (Mama, trucks, wrecking balls).

6. Race traffic

This really only works in major cities with gridlock problems, but you can be certain to have a fun run when you see commuters stuck in mile-long traffic jams.

7. Buy new exercise outfits

Unless you’re a Hilton, this really only works once, but looking fine in new threads is a motivating factor for showing them off.

8. Play games

If you’re with a partner, there are a number of fun games you can borrow from the old family road trip. “I Spy,” “20 Questions” and the license plate game (identifying as many states as you can) are a few ways to take your mind off the trail.

How do you keep yourself entertained on daily or weekly runs?  Please let us know any tips and tricks in the comments!