Free Report: Health Club Industry Active Aging Report

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Free Report: Health Club Industry Active Aging Report

In 2020, the number of people age 60 or older will pass one billion for the first time ever – that’s one in every seven people. By 2045, this statistic will reach one in every five people. This large increase in this demographic means that many industries will need to shift their approaches to meet the needs of the aging population. Specifically to the fitness industry, “active aging” refers to people maintaining the capacity to optimize their lives, giving them the chance to make the most of the opportunities and benefits offered by increased life expectancy.

Historically, the fitness industry has pursued members younger than 40 and those who seek high-intensity exercise experiences. Not much attention has been given to older folks, so now we must ask the questions: how will the fitness industry rise to meet this changing demographic? Will fitness organizations continue catering to the desires of millennials and younger populations, or will they focus more attention on the older generation?

This report, researched and written by Ray Algar of Oxygen Consulting, addresses the opportunities that an aging population creates, dismisses stereotypical myths of older folks, and highlights how a variety of health and fitness organizations are already capitalizing on the aging generation.

In the Precor Creed, we believe in mutual respect and the overwhelming returns of sharing. We’re pleased to share this informative, action-oriented report with you and hope it helps you to better understand demographical changes so you can better serve your members and achieve continued success. Thank you for sharing in the fitness journey of making the world a healthier and happier place.

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About the Author




Ray Algar is the Managing Director of Oxygen Consulting, a UK-based company that provides compelling strategic business insight for organizations connected to the global health and fitness industry. Until recently, Ray was also the Chairman of Wave Leisure Trust, a UK social enterprise operating health and leisure centers in the South East of England. He was involved for more than six years and experienced its transition from a start-up to a highly influential leisure organization making a significant social impact on the communities it served.