Announcing AMT Team Fit: Trainer-Led Small Group Classes for Your Fitness Facility

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Announcing AMT Team Fit: Trainer-Led Small Group Classes for Your Fitness Facility

Are you ready for a high-energy, small group training program that will have your training staff and members raving?

We're proud to introduce AMT® Team Fit -- trainer-led small group classes that unite elements of aerobic conditioning, HIIT training, core and stabilization, and strength activities. Check out the video below and keep reading to see why AMT Team Fit is a perfect match for your fitness facility and training staff.

How AMT Team Fit benefits your fitness facility

Your investment in AMT Team Fit means a lot more than simply offering a small group class to your members -- the program provides big benefits for both your trainers and facility.

With AMT Team Fit in your fitness facility, you can look forward to:

  • Member exposure to revenue-generating small group and personal training services
  • An increase in training satisfaction as members see results from your facility's equipment
  • Differentiation from other facilities
  • An enhanced community in your facility between members and staff
  • Staff training for a product you've already invested in
  • Education for your personal trainers that will help maintain their credentials
  • Marketing tools and templates to promote the program

Meanwhile, each participant who completes onsite training will receive .4 CECs through ACE along with manuals to coach all three AMT Team Fit programs: Foundations, Boot Camp and HIIT. And trainers will love adding a new program to their portfolio that helps them target "cardio-only" exercisers.

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Is it a good fit for your facility?

To ensure AMT Team Fit is right for your facility, ask yourself the following questions. Does my facility have:

  • At least 4 to 6 AMTs?
  • The infrastructure to sell small group training?
  • A dedicated program leader?
  • The ability to communicate, market and sell the program to members?
  • Enough dedicated cardio equipment to handle sectioning off AMTs during classes?
  • The capability to keep up interest by running demo classes in addition to fee-based classes?
  • Trainers who are qualified to coach in small group environments?

Getting involved

We offer two great ways for trainers to get the education they need to lead AMT Team Fit programs: an onsite workshop and online trainings.

4 hour onsite workshop

4 Hour Onsite Workshop AMT Team Fit

With this option, facilities can purchase and host a CEC-approved onsite workshop. The workshop is led by a Precor Master Coach and is designed for up to 15 fitness professionals to participate in hands-on coaching.

Online AMT Team Fit trainings

Online AMT Team Fit Course Training

If an onsite workshop isn't feasible (either for cost reasons or for facilities with a limited training staff), we'll soon be offering flexible online courses for individual trainers. For more information on AMT Team Fit, contact Precor sales or reach out to

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