Athletic Business Show 2016

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Athletic Business Show 2016

From November 17 to 19, fitness professionals from around the country will be gathering in Orlando, Florida, to attend the Athletic Business Show: seminars, workshops, and of course, a stellar trade show.

This year’s Precor booth at Athletic Business promises to be even better than before. We are thrilled to showcase several of our latest products that have just been released this year – it’s your chance to find out what all of the hype is about! Take a look into some of our booth line-up.

EFX with Converging CrossRamp®

The latest generation of Precor elliptical, the EFX with Converging CrossRamp has taken our proven history of elliptical innovation to the next level. The Converging CrossRamp technology is designed to mimic a person’s natural stride when walking or running, making for a better workout experience. Features like the Active Status Light™ and covered ramp, rear cover, frame, and pivot joints make our EFX easy to maintain and clean. See for yourself!

Introducing the New EFX

Queenax™ Functional Training

The functional training revolution is sweeping the world. Learn how to make the most of your facility’s training area by utilizing the space-efficient and modular design of Queenax to deliver a proven functional fitness experience for your members. You’ll also learn how Precor Education can ensure your gym’s staff have what they need to train with confidence.

Have you ever seen a Queenax circuit training class first-hand? Maybe you’ve been curious to try out one of the many apps and optionals that make Queenax functional training so unique and versatile, like the Superfunctional, 4D Pro, or CrossCore®. Lucky for you, you will have two full days at the trade show to see Queenax in action. If you’re feeling inspired, there will be time for you to jump on and experience Queenax for yourself.

Spinning® Indoor Cycling

Is your facility taking part in or thinking of joining the trend toward offering boutique-like classes for members? What better way to do this than with Spinning indoor cycling. Together with Spinning, we’ve designed our bikes to offer the same reliability, durability, and ease of service that you’ve come to expect and love from all Precor equipment.

Gear up for a Spinning session at Early-Morning Workout with a Spinning Master Instructor to see how the community feel of Spinning can help your facility generate more revenue.

Networked Fitness

Between our new P82 console, P62 console, EXOS partnership, and Preva 6.0 upgrade, there will be plenty to discover in terms of networked fitness at the Precor booth. Our latest consoles feature Android-based technology and are designed to operate faster, creating a coveted cardio experience that will keep members coming back. While you’re perusing our new consoles, try out the EXOS Energy Systems Development Technology for a personalized, time-efficient cardio workout.

Discovery™ Series Strength

Make your facility’s strength area stand out with our Discovery™ Series Power Rack, Half Rack, Squat Machine, Converging Chest Press, and Multi-Adjustable Bench. These are the latest introductions to our robust strength line-up, and you will have the chance to throw some weights on and test them all out on the trade show floor.

30 Second #PrecorChallenge

Want to win your very own Assault AirBike? Take part in our 30 Second #PrecorChallenge for the chance to win. Enter by visiting the Precor booth during the trade show, riding the Assault AirBike for 30 seconds straight - which isn't as easy as it sounds - and post a photo of your experience on either Twitter or Instagram using the hashtags #30secondshoutout and #PrecorChallenge. We'll pick one lucky winner and notify them via social media. See official rules here, and let the fun begin!

We look forward to seeing you on the trade show floor at Athletic Business 2016!

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