Bring In New Members with Indoor Cycling

For Gym Operators

Bring In New Members with Indoor Cycling

Born in the '80s, Spinning® and indoor cycling have seen some big changes over the past three decades. This type of workout has become one of the fastest-growing fitness crazes around the world. Regardless of whether your facility is a dedicated cycling studio or incorporates indoor cycling classes into its group fitness offerings, indoor cycling is one of the trendiest ways to get fit. When combined with a strong educational and programming platform, your facility can attract and retain more members.

Joining the Growing Trend

Indoor cycling has seen a spike in classes over the last five years, thanks in part to the entire branch of the fitness industry taking off. Boutique indoor cycling studios are popping up from coast to coast and around the world. While the trend is rising, the number of studios dedicated solely to indoor cycling is still fairly small.

Spynergy Consulting conducted a national survey of independent cycling studios in North America and found only 625 locations. That number is growing – the group estimates that more than 200 studios opened in the last 12 months, with even more set to open in the months to come2. Despite the number of independent studios on the rise, larger gyms that feature cycle-based classes as part of their group fitness programs can still benefit from the indoor cycling craze.

Both long-standing indoor cycling programs and those just climbing into the saddle need to approach indoor cycling with a fresh take. Increasingly, members are expecting the highest quality equipment, along with programming that offers a personalized touch and makes them come back for more.

Choose the Right Equipment for Your Members and Your Facility

Over the years, the general design of indoor cycle bikes has remained consistent. Although the newest bikes may look similar on the outside, take a peek inside to the equipment’s hardware, and you’ll see that they have definitely entered the 21st century.

Take, for example, the Spinner® Chrono™ Power Bike, the latest Spinner bike from Precor. This bike packs a lot of power both internally and externally. The significant changes riders will experience are direct power measurement, the new power console, and the patent-pending magnetic resistance system.

The Spinner Chrono Power bike has raised the bar on accuracy and reliability by putting the strain gauge power sensor directly on the resistance system for direct power measurement. The sensor is now protected from the hazards of shoes and sweat, and is directly wired to the console to eliminate wireless pairing, the need for batteries, or manual calibration saving valuable class time.

The ultra-bright backlit LCD color console requires no batteries, supports SPINPower© programming, and is network capable using Bluetooth© and ANT+. Riders have all they need to get the most out of their workout between the easy-to-use interface which displays watts, cadence, heart rate, time, and distance, as well as ten different interval settings. The readings on the console remain for three minutes after the rider has stopped pedaling, allowing the exerciser time to record their workout stats.

The Spinner Chrono Power bike’s magnetic resistance system is designed to allow the rider to evenly alter the bike’s resistance. Each turn of the knob results in an equal increase or decrease in resistance. This is a significant change from older bike models, which used a lever that didn’t allow for consistent accurate resistance changes. In addition to the magnetic resistance system, this bike has a Kevlar© reinforced cogged timing belt that gives the Spinner bike the feel and responsiveness of a road bike.

Although members may only care about the console and the external details of the new bikes, gym owners will appreciate what has changed underneath the surface.

The top-of-the-line Spinner Chrono Power bike uses a breakthrough design to eliminate the need to ever supply or replace batteries in either the console or power sensor. Revolutionary for indoor cycle bikes, the Spinner Chrono Power bike uses a self-powered generator to store energy and supplies a current to the console as well as power to the backlight.

While investing in new equipment is a great way to kick start your indoor cycling program, it isn’t the only thing that will keep riders coming back.

How to Create a Successful Indoor Cycle Program

Boutique and mainstream facilities realize that riders care about customer service and their personal experiences, in addition to equipment and programming. Taking care of your riders takes some preparation and creativity on behalf of the gym staff.  

Here are a few ways facilities can ensure their indoor cycling classes are a hit:

  • Create a Motivating Environment – People often join indoor cycle classes to be surrounded by fellow riders pushing themselves to reach their goals. Gym owners can help riders stay motivated by creating a comfortable, easy-to-use environment. Make sure the bikes and group exercise room are clean, keep the temperature cool, and provide an easy registration process so that riders will be ready to work as soon as they jump on their bikes.
  • Strive For Continual Improvement – Just as athletes can plateau, so can fitness programs. Bring fresh ideas every 2-3 months to keep members wondering what’s next before they have a chance to get bored with the workout. Instructors and facilities can create new playlists, introduce appealing visuals, design ride challenges that have distance or watts goals, and offer post-ride happy hours complete with refreshments to keep riders eager to come back for more.
  • Be Respectful Of Time – Regardless of the type of facility, classes need to start and finish on time. The reasons why classes start late are often avoidable. Check that the bikes are in working order, test the sound system and leaderboard, and make sure clean towels are readily available before the ride so riders get in their saddles quicker.
  • Provide Over-The-Top Customer Service – Work with your instructors to ensure they’re providing the best member experiences possible. Encourage them to memorize names, remember details about members, and demonstrate a sincere interest in the riders’ comfort, safety, and enjoyment of the class.

With the best equipment, such as the Precor Spinner Chrono Power Bike that helps users track their vital ride information, as well as the mentality to create programming that goes above and beyond expectations, facilities of all sizes can attract and retain members for their indoor cycle classes and ride the trend as it continues to gain speed in the fitness industry.


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