CES 2016: The State of Fitness Wearables

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CES 2016: The State of Fitness Wearables

If you’ve been consciously ignoring wearables and fitness technology (I know a lot of people in the fitness industry who are), now might be the time to start paying attention.

ACSM (American College of Sports Medicine®) crowned wearable technology as the number one fitness trend of 2016. Enormous sums of venture capital dollars are flowing into the broader space of fitness technology and the digital disruption of the fitness space is not a matter of if but when. For the savvy operator, these technological developments will present a new set of tools to enhance their brand promise to members.

A Note from the Author

My name is Brian Kane and I lead the Precor® marketing research and commercial management team. As a researcher, this is a topic of strong interest to me. I have spent a great deal of time speaking to those in both the technology and fitness industry about wearables and am pleased to share with you my take on the space.

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