Choosing Strength Equipment for Your Facility

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Choosing Strength Equipment for Your Facility

Whether the time has come to refresh your facility’s strength equipment or you're opening a new facility entirely, choosing the right strength equipment isn't an easy decision – you need equipment that appeals to a wide range of exercisers that also has the durability to hold up to years of continuous use.

These tips will help you decide on the strength equipment that's right for both your facility and your customers.

Choosing Strength Equipment for Your Facility

Choose the Right Strength Mix: Plate Loaded vs. Selectorized

There are a few key types of strength equipment that exercisers expect in a facility: selectorized and plate loaded machines. Including both in your facility is a safe bet to meet the needs of exercisers of all strength levels.

A major benefit to using selectorized equipment includes its ease of use. The desired weight is selected by inserting a pin into the weight stack; this makes it easy to adjust weight during a workout without having to get up. One downside is that selectorized machines have a maximum weight limit, causing some users to outgrow the machine.

Plate-loaded strength machines require the same round plates that are used on barbells. Plate-loaded equipment generally has a higher maximum weight limit, so they are ideal for those who lift heavy. On the flip side, plate-loaded equipment can use smaller weights than what can be found on selectorized machines, typically, making these machines appealing to light lifters as well. However, the exerciser must load all of the weight plates on and off of the machine, which can disrupt their workout.

Choosing Strength Equipment for Your Facility

Did you know? Conventional equipment, such as benches, free weights, machines, and suspension equipment, dominate the strength training landscape.

Visualize Your Facility’s Strength Space

How much total space do you have for your facility’s strength area?

If you're thinking of purchasing Precor strength equipment, you can get an idea of how you can fill your space with the Precor Space Planner. When using our Space Planner, choose the option that suits your facility best.

Upon selecting the type of facility you’re planning for, we recommend choosing the option to “Create a new plan," where you can input the approximate dimensions of your facility. You can then browse through all of our options for strength equipment (as well as cardio), discovering potential ways to arrange your space.

Choosing Strength Equipment

Keep Up on New Strength Offerings

To build interest and promote your facility, it's important to keep your facility's strength equipment options fresh and exciting.

Take a look at the newest additions to the Precor strength lines:

Ready to start shopping? See our complete solution for your strength needs.

How to Choose Strength Equipment

Did you know? Exercisers spend nearly the same amount of time focused on strength and flexibility training as cardio.