4D PRO® Core Workout


4D PRO® Core Workout

by Melissa Stansell, Cooper Fitness Center Professional Trainer

Develop ultimate core strength and stability using Queenax® and the 4D PRO® Bungee Fitness trainer. This series of core training exercises from Melissa Stansell of the the Cooper Fitness Center in Dallas, Texas will challenge your balance, rhythm, and deep core stability. Complete 2-3 sets and 12-15 reps of each exercise; the last exercise can be held for time. Challenge yourself each set to see if you can increase your time suspended in air! Allow one to two minutes recovery before completing the next set. Be sure to include a dynamic warm-up prior to beginning, and allow adequate time for cool down upon completion. 

Equipment Needs

  • Queenax
  • 4D PRO

Movement Guidelines

Dynamic Side Plank with Lateral Flexion


  1. Position belt on one hip and lie on side.
  2. Put hand on floor to stabilize.
  3. Flex top hip and knee and drive both to top elbow.
  4. Establish rhythm and bounce.

Dynamic V-Sit 


  1. Sit in belt with sleeves below bottom and behind back.
  2. Hold on to Lambdas and lean back.
  3. Begin to bounce and flutter legs to maintain rhythm.
  4. Engage core and avoid rounding back.

Pulsing Push-Up with Alternating Arm and Hip Extension


  1. Position belt at hips and lower into a prone push-up position.
  2. Push off and extend opposite arm and hip.
  3. Return to ground with four points of contact and repeat push off and extension with opposite arm and hip.

Mission Impossible


  1. Position belt at hips and lower into a prone position.
  2. Extend arms and legs and try to maintain balance in air.