Not available in select regions, including Australia. Please contact your local Precor office for availability and pricing.

AMT Team Fit Small Group Classes

Rev up your cardio floor with AMT Team Fit, a small group training program that will excite your personal training staff and exercisers by uniting elements of aerobic conditioning, HIIT training, core and stabilization, and strength activities – all on a single machine without blocking aisle ways in your facility!

How can my facility get involved in AMT Team Fit?

AMT Team Fit workouts are high-energy, small group workouts led by a personal trainer on the busy cardio floor. Precor offers two ways to prepare trainers to lead this programming:

  • AMT Team Fit Onsite Icon

    4 Hour Onsite Workshop

    Facilities can purchase and host a CEC-approved onsite workshop led by a Precor Master Coach (for up to 15 fitness professionals)

  • AMT Team Fit Online Icon

    Online AMT Team Fit Course

    Individual trainers can take an AMT Team Fit online learning course.

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What's included in an AMT Team Fit investment?

Onsite participants will each receive 0.4 CECs through ACE and 4.00 Cooper Institute CECs, as well as a training manual with complete instructions to coach the three core AMT Team Fit programs: Foundations, Boot Camp and HIIT. Operators will receive marketing tools and templates to promote AMT Team Fit in their facility.


Foundations is appropriate for all training levels. It's a great introduction to AMT training, and offers a fun, progressive, aerobic and regularly changing cardio experience that provides structure to members looking to get more out of their cardio time.


The AMT allows on the fly movement transitions in a non-impact, joint-friendly environment. The progressive AMT HIIT program uses interval variations to facilitate performance gains and endurance improvements.

Boot Camp

This program keeps the AMT at the center of the workouts as it integrates upper and lower body strength movements with AMT intervals. The workout focuses on individual and team challenges.

How will AMT Team Fit help my facility?

  • Exposes and engages more exercisers to revenue-generating small group and personal exercisers who typically only engage in the facility's cardio area
  • Deepens exerciser understanding of how to get results out of the equipment available to them, leading to increased training satisfaction
  • Provides a differentiating service that will set your facility apart.
  • Enhances community by connecting more exercisers with fitness staff and with each other
  • Teaches fitness staff how to get the most out of a product that you've already invested in that they may have overlooked before
  • Provides your trainers with education that will help them maintain their personal training credentials

How will the AMT Team Fit education benefit my trainers?

  • Transforms the AMT from a cardio machine into a total body cardio, strength and core trainer
  • Generates buy-in for UNEXPLORED and DIFFERENT programming
  • Adds a new and sellable program to their training portfolio that will help them reach out to traditional "cardio-only" exercisers
  • Provides each participant with 0.4 CECs and 4.0 Cooper Institute Contact Hours

*Precor is recognized by the American Council on Exercise and the Cooper Institute as a Continuing Education Provider

Cooper Institute ACE - American Council on Exercise

Is AMT Team Fit a good fit for my facility?

Best Fit Facilities for AMT Team Fit Will Have the Following:

  • At least 4-6 AMTs
  • An infrastructure to sell small group training
  • A dedicated program leader
  • Top-down facility buy-in to communicate, market and sell the program
  • Dedicated equipment, or the ability to section off AMTs during class time
  • Capability to run demo classes alongside fee-based classes to generate continued interest
  • Trainers that are motivated and qualified to coach in a small group environment

I'm interested in the AMT Team Fit program. Should I order the online or onsite course?

There’s no better way to learn than hands-on coaching. However, we understand that there are cost and other factors that may not allow for an in-person workshop. To bring this education service to as many Precor customers and fitness educators as possible, we offer onsite and online training options. Participants in both will receive the same training content, however they will learn in different ways.

  • AMT Team Fit Onsite Training

    Onsite Trainings

    Designed for facilities with several trainers that will be leading the program. Optimal for kinesthetic learners.

  • AMT Team Fit Online Training

    Online Trainings

    Designed for facilities with a limited training staff, or for individual trainers who would like to add this service to their personal training offering. Optimal for visual and auditory learners.

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