Keeping it Fun on the Assault AirRunner


Keeping it Fun on the Assault AirRunner

Although I am not a runner myself, I understand that it is extremely important from both an athletic development and a functional point of view. Incorporating running into my routine is critical for overall fitness and conditioning levels, but I get bored running any more than 200 meters at any given time. I enjoy lifting weights and gymnastics, but dread the monotony of running. Some people enjoy the distraction and release experienced on longer distance runs, but I am not one of those people.

Whether you share my perspective or if just want to spice things up a bit, here are a couple of fun running workouts to keep things interesting and help you maintain your running fitness. I perform these workouts on the Assault AirRunner because of their ability to measure calories and the fact that you can quickly move from walking to sprinting with ease. Incorporate the workouts below to keep yourself fully engaged and maintain high intensity:



Workout 1: Death by Calories

Aside from having an ominous name, this is a high intensity workout that is performed with progressive intervals and decreased rest periods.

  • Minute 1: Run one calorie (refer to the console to determine when you have burned 1 calorie) and walk the remaining minute. 
  • Minute 2: Run two calories and walk the remaining minute. 
  • Minute 3: Run three calories and walk the remaining minute. 

Your goal is to continue increasing calories, going as high as you can while maintaining the one minute recovery in between. A variation of this workout would include beginning at a pre-determined number of calories (15 for example) for the first minute and then decreasing by one calorie each minute following. This option also provides a challenge and can be integrated in your training program to add differentiation.

Workout 2: Deck of Cards 

This workout requires you to work with a partner. To begin, select a time limit of 10, 20, or 30 minutes depending on how long you want to train for. Next, take a shuffled deck of cards and place it on the floor between you and your partner.  Both you and your partner should draw a card and run the number of calories indicated by the face value of the card you draw. As soon as each of you  have taken turns and complete your card, draw the next card and continue the challenge. Jacks, Queens and Kings have a value of 11 calories and the ace represents 21 calories.  At the end of the workout, use your top 5 cards to make the best possible hand. The person with the losing hand should complete some sort of “punishment” - 20 burpees is a good example.

Workout 3: Roll the Dice

For this workout, take a pair of standard dice and roll them every minute. The total number that comes up on the die should be added together and multiplied by 10 meters. Your goal is to sprint that number of meters before the minute is up. For example, if I roll double 3s then I would take the number 6 x 10 meters and sprint for a total of 60 meters. The goal is to perform your sprint at your maximum speed each time you roll the dice. You would then roll the dice again every minute to the desired length of your workout.

The goal for these Assault AirRunner workouts is to keep the activity interesting and engaging. They are not designed specifically to decrease your 5k time, but to keep you interested in running when you are less motivated to train. Always Remember- the best workout program that you can do is the one that you stick to. Train hard and train smart!

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