Killer AMT® Workout


Killer AMT® Workout

Get a killer workout on the AMT in approximately 30 minutes! Challenge your aerobic and anaerobic fitness with fast-paced intervals and variations of movement using the AMT. Top off your cardiovascular workout with a lower body finisher and lower body mobility! 


  • Familiarize yourself with the movement varieties before starting this workout: Striding, Climber, Stepper and Running / Jogging.
  • Familiarize yourself with the toggles that change resistance and open stride.
  • Ensure a proper warm up before beginning this workout.
  • Adjust intensity as needed. You may need to decrease/increase resistance or speed to alter intensity for your fitness level or stamina. The machine settings given provide general guidelines.
  • You may try applying the following strides per minute for each movement variety:
    • Striding: 80-100
    • Climber: 110-120 for recovery; 160+ for fast stepping
    • Stepper: 110-120 for recovery; 160+ for fast stepping
    • Running: 80-100
    • Jogging: 80-100

            (SeeTable Below) 

Strength Finisher (using back platform and fixed arms of AMT) - Repeat 2 rounds of the following: 

  • Alternating Side Squats x 12 each side



  • Lunge forward x 12 each side



  • Hanging Crunch x 20 total



Mobility (standing on back platform of AMT):  

  • Quadriceps x 60 seconds per side



  • Hamstrings x 60 seconds per side



  • Glutes x 60 seconds per side



  • Calves x 60 seconds per side





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