Make the Most of Your Preva® Account


Make the Most of Your Preva® Account

Ready to take your fitness to the next step? We at Precor are eager to help you along your fitness journey. Learn how you can use the touchscreen consoles on our networked cardio equipment to stay on track with your goals, while enjoying your favorite entertainment features along the way.

Create a Preva® Personal Account

You will get so much more from your cardio workout with a Preva personal account. In addition to establishing workout goals and tracking your progress, a Preva personal account makes it easy to create a single sign-on to access your personal entertainment and media apps, like Netflix® and Spotify®. Watch how easy it is to create an account in a matter of minutes:


Preva® Account Sign-in Using Your Mobile Phone

No more typing in your email address and password, or remembering your token, in order to access your Preva personal account. This video shows how to use your mobile phone to quickly and easily sign into your Preva personal account via Bluetooth®.


Keep It Simple with Single Sign-on

Free yourself from having to enter your login and password every time you want to enjoy your personal media and entertainment accounts. Simply link it to your Preva personal account! 


Connecting Bluetooth® Headphones to the Precor Touchscreen

Ready to cut the cord? In this interactive module, you will learn how to quickly and easily pair your Bluetooth® headphones to the Precor cardio console to enjoy tether-free audio during your cardio workout.


Escape with Interactive Workouts from RunTV™

See how you can escape while at the gym with RunTV. Watch stunning interactive trails while the treadmill, elliptical, or bike automatically responds to changes in the trail elevation. Fitness-centric media, documentary shorts, and so much more will transport you during your cardio workout.