Queenax Strength and Play


Queenax Strength and Play

This four-week program emphasizes progression through upper body and lower body/core exercises while incorporating various sport skill play movements. Weeks 1 and 3 consists of upper body pull and push exercises paired with a sport skill play movement; weeks 2 and 4 include lower body and core exercises paired with a sport skill play movement. Exercise progression is shown during weeks 3 and 4. The program goal is to challenge upper and lower body strength and incorporate play to drive heart rate and increase participant engagement. While a few of these movements are unique to Superfunctional, many can be performed with other suspension fitness products such as TRX® or CrossCore®.

Equipment Needed

  • Queenax
  • Superfunctional
  • Mobile Parallels
  • Strong++
  • Wall Bar
  • Battle Rope
  • Plyo Platform

Workout Recommendations

  • Perform each workout 2 times per week; follow the prescribed work and recovery intervals.
  • Allow at least one day of recovery between workouts.
  • Listen to your body; take extra rest days if you feel fatigued after only one recovery day.
  • Find videos of many of the movement patterns here, as well as set-up information for Superfunctional.
  • View full workout in the finder below or download them here

Author Information

Aaron Feldman
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Aaron Feldman, Cooper Fitness Center Professional Fitness Trainer and Small Group Training Instructor

Aaron’s 15-plus years of fitness industry experience spans five states. He has extensive experience in traditional gyms, weight loss retreat centers, cardiac-pulmonary rehab, swim coaching and private training studios. In his own fitness endeavors, Aaron has run marathons and road races and won trophies in natural bodybuilding. He holds a Master of Science in Exercise Physiology from Kent State University and a Bachelor of Science in Sport and Exercise Science from Akron University.

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