Queenax Ultimate Core Workout

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Queenax Ultimate Core Workout

by Tonya Gutch, Precor Master Coach

This workout is Not Your Mama’s Core Workout! It is an elite collection of exercises that targets the abdominals, spine stabilizers, hip flexors and glutes. These challenging exercises include integrated core movements that are designed to elevate heart rate, challenge coordination, build strength, and increase stamina. 


Trainer Tips

  • Use safety modifications/amplifications when necessary.
  • Cue for proper alignment and reinforce the importance of proper technique.
  • Choose 1-3 exercises to focus on in a single session.
  • Introduce 1-3 new exercises to already existing workout programming for your clientele.
  • Start with a low volume of repetitions per exercise until each movement is mastered.
  • Gradually progress to a higher volume of repetitions or challenge your clients with increments of time.
  • Choose exercises that are life or sport-specific to your clients.
  • Practice what you preach! Challenge yourself and master each movement before you introduce them to your clients.
  • Create a small group Queenax Core training class for those wanting more core!

These are just a few examples for what you can do with the world of Queenax Core! Good luck and happy core training! 

Big thanks to the training team at Iowa State University for their support with this video.

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Tonya Gutch
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Tonya is a guest lecturer for the Cooper Institute and a professional fitness trainer at the Cooper Fitness Center in Dallas Texas. Tonya has owned and operated a personal training business, trained professional athletes, and coached national and world fitness champions. Tonya’s competitive edge has earned her gold medals in the AAU National and World Aerobics Championships, as well as three gold medals at the National Aerobics Championships on ESPN. Tonya has been involved with the Precor Coaching Center since its inception in 2015. 

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