Straightforward Strength Video Series

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Straightforward Strength Video Series

The Precor Straightforward Strength Video Series explores fundamental strength training practices and techniques. Precor Master Coach and CrossFit owner John Meeks guides us through a variety of topics that explore best-fit equipment for different training goals, trending topics in strength, and Olympic Weightlifting techniques. 

This video series is intended to provide fitness educators with a contemporary and engaging approach to helping clients develop lasting success and results with strength training. Additionally, it provides educators with the opportunity to brush up on strength training fundamentals, and quickly apply learnings with clients. Each video is three to five minutes in length.

Check back for new videos, and email us if you would like to recommend an additional topic for us to explore. 

Getting Your Best Results: Muscular Endurance, Hypertrophy, Strength or Power?

Learn the best way to train for your desired strength training results. Review how different types of equipment are preferred for different training objectives. 


Pillars of Strength Series: Part 1, Olympic Bar

Learn the ins, outs and advantages of training with an Olympic bar.


Pillars of Strength Series: Part 2, Free Weights

Review the benefits of training with free weights and kettlebells. 


Pillars of Strength Series: Part 3, Plate-Loaded and Selectorized Equipment

See how traditional strength training equipment can boost results and strength gains.


Pillars of Strength Series: Part 4, Suspension Fitness

Discover how suspension fitness adds a valuable dimension to your functional and total body strength training.


Olympic Weightlifting Series: Clean and Jerk

Watch a breakdown of the Clean and Jerk, and learn strategies for effective coaching for your clients.


Olympic Weightlifting Series: The Snatch

Watch a breakdown of the Snatch, and learn strategies for effective coaching for your clients. 


Get Strong With Suspension Fitness Training

Learn how suspension fitness training will not only make you stronger, but also how this valuable training approach can be paired with other strength strategies to expedite results.