Treadmill HIIT Workout

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Treadmill HIIT Workout

by Mary Edwards, Fitness Director at the Cooper Fitness Center and Professional Trainer



Research has shown High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) can improve VO2 max, decrease abdominal fat stores and increase calories burned per exercise session. HIIT consists of short bursts of intense exercise alternated with recovery periods; your work interval should be 80-95% MHR and range 6 seconds to 4 minutes.

The following program pattern offers an effective and versatile way to incorporate HIIT in your client sessions. The goal is to challenge full body movement with two exercises and then anaerobic capacity through high intensity intervals using the Precor Treadmill. You may select more traditional exercises or incorporate functional movement and equipment, such as medicine balls or ViPR. You also can adjust the pattern used for the two full body exercises as necessary for client ability and need.

Treadmill HIIT Workout

3 x 30 seconds and 15 seconds recovery between exercises, followed by full recovery between sets

Round 1

  • Upper Body: Medicine Ball Overhead Slam

  • Lower Body: Lateral Bound and Touch

  • Interval: Treadmill Sprint (6.5-8.5 mph intermediate; 9-11 mph advanced)

Round 2

  • Upper Body: Push-Up With Torso Rotation (alternate)

  • Lower Body: Squat Jumps (may load with dumbbells)

  • Interval: Treadmill Sprint

Round 3

  • Upper Body: Medicine Ball Rotational Throws (30 sec/side)

  • Lower Body: Scissor Jumps

  • Interval: Treadmill Sprint

Alternate Variation #1:

  • Core: Plank (alternate hip abduction)
  • Full Body: Dumbbell Squat
  • Interval: Treadmill Sprint

Alternate Variation #2:

  • Full Body: VIPR Lateral Lunge (with shift - alternating)
  • Power: Broad Jumps
  • Interval: Treadmill Sprint


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