Creative Fitness Ideas to Stay Moving While on Vacation

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Creative Fitness Ideas to Stay Moving While on Vacation

Vacations are supposed to be a time of relaxation, rest, and ease – a time when you can shrug off your cares and enjoy a few days away from the everyday hustle and bustle. Try telling that to your workout routine, though! Because along with the R&R, vacations are chock full of fitness no-nos: high calorie drinks, fatty food, and a whole lot of lounging around, which can set you back to square one if you’re not careful.

But just because you need a little time away from work doesn’t mean your fitness routine has to take the week off. In fact, with a smidge of creativity and some planning, you can use your vacation to get into the best shape of your life. Here’s how!

Explore on Foot

Okay, so it’s not as intense as your usual workout routine. Still, when you’re trying to get (or stay!) fit, every step counts, and walking through new territory gives you a chance to see your vacation destination in a whole new light. Apps like MapMyWalk or MapMyHike come complete with a database of GPS-tracked routes verified by real users, while one like Walk Score lets you know how friendly your holiday spot is toward pedestrians. Walking is especially great if you’re using your vacation to recharge, since some studies have shown that brisk walks calm excitable neurons, relieving anxiety. So a quick stroll around the city may just make for a more relaxing week off, too!

Work in Some High Energy Recreation

When you’re on vacation, there are lots of opportunities for outdoor recreation, and if you choose your activities carefully, you can definitely fit in a good workout. For instance, if you like to vacation at the beach or the lake, there is kayaking, swimming, and paddle boarding. Camping? How about some sunrise yoga followed by a long hike or bouldering expedition? More into urban locales? Take a bicycle tour around the city, or dance the night away at one of the local clubs. No matter where you spend your break, you’ll get the blood pumping and have a chance to take in the experience.

Don’t Take the Easy Way Out

Hotels are full of amenities for every inconvenience, which is great if you say, forgot your toothbrush, but not so excellent for your fitness routine if you’re skipping the stairs for the elevator. Squeeze in a little fitness by hoofing it to your room on foot—you’ll definitely feel the burn by the fourth floor! Other ideas? Carry your bags instead of wheeling them around, and don’t take the escalators or people movers at the airport. Every little bit of exercise counts!

Take a Guest Class

Gym time doesn’t have to stop just because you’re away from your local fitness center. Even if your hotel doesn’t include an on-site workout room, you may still be able to stop by a local gym as a guest. Many national chains will let you attend any location, so review the details of your plan to see what you have available. Or you can try your luck with an online app. Class Pass, for instance, connects you to gyms and studios in nearly 30 different cities, and lets you review their schedules and sign up for classes directly through the app. That should make jet-setting simpler!

Have a Trainer Come to Your Hotel Room

No, your regular trainer probably isn’t going to pack up their bags and join you on your vacation. But you can get the next best thing with an online tool like Create a profile and get matched up with a local trainer whose specialties and interests align with your own. Setting up a personal training session never felt so easy!

Vacation at a Fitness Retreat

Good news, fitness addicts! There are actually vacation sites designed specifically for your active lifestyle! Many of these feature exotic locales and have included spas so you can blast your glutes—and then take your tired muscles for a soothing soak afterwards. Use your vacation time as a chance to kick your routine in gear with a high-energy boot camp, or perfect a new sport, like surfing or martial arts. Or take a journey into holistic wellness and deepen your practice with a healing yoga retreat. With amenities like deep tissue massages, nutritionist-approved meals, and tons of outdoor excursions, the days will fly by—and your body will be better for it!

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