Elliptical Handlebars: To Use or Not to Use?

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Elliptical Handlebars: To Use or Not to Use?

Today we’re going to explore an age-old elliptical question that many of you have probably asked yourselves at some point or another: Should you hold on to or let go of the moving handlebars on the EFX®?

The answer: It depends on what you're looking to accomplish with your workout.

As much as we wish there were a clear cut answer to this question, there are advantages to both using and forgoing the elliptical handlebars.

EFX Console, Moving Handlebars

Using Handlebars

If you want to work your upper body while getting in your cardio exercise, try using the moving handlebars.

To do this effectively, increase the resistance on the EFX and make sure you’re actively pushing and pulling the handlebars. For total body recovery, rest your hands on the moving handlebars and let them go along for the ride.

No Handlebars

If you want to work on your balance, core stabilization and leg muscles, let go of those elliptical handlebars!

When you let go of the handlebars, your body has to engage stabilizing muscles to keep you balanced. Choosing to let go of the moving handlebars also helps to engage your lower body since you’re not splitting the load between your upper and lower body.

Precor EFX532i no moving handlebars

Best of Both

If you don’t want to choose between holding on to and letting go of the moving EFX handlebars, or you’re not sure which one would be better for you, do not fear!

By choosing not to commit to letting go of or holding on to the handlebars, you’ll probably be giving your body a better workout. For a total body cardio and strength workout that also works on your balance and stabilization, try alternating between holding on to and letting go of the moving handlebars.

Check out the 20-minute workout below for an awesome full-body elliptical workout.

full body Precor EFX elliptical workout

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