Precor: Excellence in Customer Service

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Precor: Excellence in Customer Service

Offering reliable customer service is in the Precor DNA. We understand that the quality of service we provide directly affects our customers and can help drive your members’ satisfaction and retention. That’s why we strive to deliver the most value to you with every interaction.

Find out what characteristics support us being the highest-rated customer service in the industry.

Equipment Uptime is Critical for Retention

A study we conducted with Leisure-net, a survey and consultation agency in the UK, proved that there is a positive correlation between equipment uptime and member retention: gym members are more likely to stay members at facilities that have equipment that consistently works well. In fact, members at clubs with higher equipment uptime stay, on average, three months longer than those who belong to clubs where equipment is out of order more often.

“95% of members see availability of equipment as being quite or very important.” – Study conducted by Leisure-net

Knowing this, let’s look at an example of how having high equipment uptime can benefit your facility. Our study showed that facilities with an average membership of 1000 members equates to that facility keeping an extra 170 members at any given time. So, let’s assume the average membership fee in the U.S. is $40 per month. If a facility is succeeding in keeping a high equipment uptime and keeping 170 members around, that equals an extra membership revenue of $6800 per month. When multiplied across an entire year, this results in over $81,000 of membership fees.

The value of high equipment uptime to your business and for your members has been proven – but how does a facility achieve high equipment uptime in the first place? The answer lies in preventative maintenance and keeping up with equipment servicing.

Service Agreements That Work For You

We offer renewable Service Agreement packages that provide ongoing labor and/or parts coverage long after your original Precor warranty has expired. If a service concern should ever arise, you’ll feel protected and covered. Our Service Agreement packages guarantee a fast response by skilled Precor-certified technicians who specialize in getting your Precor equipment back up to speed as quick as possible. We make it easy to stay current with your equipment maintenance by offering a variety of preventative maintenance and payment options that will suit your needs and budget over the course of the year.

Learn more about our Service Agreements.

We’ve Got You Covered with Our Wide Service Network

In the Americas, we have an extensive network of service technicians and third-party service providers. All of our service providers are trained and certified through our industry-leading 4.5-day certification training, and must attend a 2.5-day recertification training every third year so they stay current on our latest products and procedures. All in all, there are over 750 Precor-certified technicians in the U.S. and Canada alone!

91% of industry service providers said we offer the best service in the fitness industry. – Third-party research conducted in 2018

High Trade-In Values Pay You Back

When it comes time to sell your old equipment and make way for new equipment, Precor has the highest trade-in value among competitors. We have collected data over the past three years from trade-ins by three different companies with third-party vendors. This data shows that brokers rank Precor at least 14%* higher in return on investment over other fitness manufacturers. This higher dollar value stems from our strong global network of used equipment buyers, our Senior Trade-In Manager, and the fact that our equipment is easy to maintain and built to last. These factors will reduce your total cost of ownership, making your investment pay off in the long-run.

Work With Us to Work With You

We love this quote by customer service expert Ron Kaufman: “Service is the currency that keeps the economy moving. I serve you in one business, you serve me in another. When either of us improves, the economy gets a little better. When both of us improve, people are sure to notice. When everyone improves, the whole world grows stronger and closer together.”

Let’s keep the fitness economy moving! We want to work with you to ensure that you are getting the most out of your Precor equipment and experience. Reach out to us today to learn more about our service agreements, to arrange for a preventative maintenance appointment, or to find out about our high trade-in values.


Or call 1-800-347-4404.

*Trade-in values were calculated by averaging the prices provided by each of the three companies. When price ranges were provided, the median price was used. These factors are based on standard manufactured product.