Fit Families: 5 Family Fitness Activities and Exercises Everyone Will Love

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Fit Families: 5 Family Fitness Activities and Exercises Everyone Will Love

One of the best ways to start and keep working out is to do so in a social setting, and there is no better social setting than the one provided by your family.

Keeping your children from developing a sedentary lifestyle can be incredibly valuable. It should come as no surprise that kids who regularly exercise tend to have more positive outlooks on life, are less likely to be overweight and usually live longer. With that said, try out some of the following family fitness activities and exercises.


Hiking is a wonderful way to introduce your kids to nature.

In fact, the aesthetic aspect of this activity could easily cause those in your family to not even realize that they're working out as they enjoy the scenery so much. For hiking ideas in your area, just do a quick Google search. Whether you're in the city or the suburbs, there are usually plenty of great hiking options nearby. And if you're short on time, even walking around your neighborhood can serve as a fulfilling experience.


A fun way for the family to bond is to have every member enter a race and train for the competition in the weeks and months leading up to it.

Fortunately, several running events offer a variety of race distances. Many provide the younger ones with an opportunity to enter events (such as the half-mile Cherry Blossom Kids Run in Washington, D.C., for example). At the other end of the running spectrum -- for families with grown children -- there are countless marathons and half-marathons that take place every year.

Dance Nights

A great idea for those who enjoy dancing is to have regular dance nights as there are a tremendous number of benefits this activity provides, including improving aerobic and muscular strength and agility.

This is also another activity where those participating may not even realize that they are exercising due to how much fun they're having. You could even create a competition around the night where family members vote on who has the best moves.

Wii Fit

Video games aren't always a contributor to a sedentary lifestyle anymore.

Wii Fit is a fun way for your family to combine video games with exercise. One advantage of "exer-gaming" is that it's another activity those of all ability levels – and ages – can do. Games involving both the upper and lower body, such as boxing or tennis, will provide greater physical benefits than some of the other Wii Fit games that are less active.


In today’s age of distractions, yoga provides a great way for all members of your family to improve their ability to concentrate and focus (two critical skills for learning).

According to Spirituality and Health, “yoga offers opportunities to lose weight, develop strength and improve flexibility – but it is yoga’s mental conditioning that can transform lives.” For parents looking for a great resource with poses their children can perform, check out