Fitness Made Personal: What It Means to Us

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Fitness Made Personal: What It Means to Us

Fitness Made Personal.

These three words make up the very core of the Precor mission: to develop personalized health and fitness experiences that help people live the lives they desire.

Our new tagline expresses exactly what we strive to achieve through every single interaction and experience. By using insight-driven innovation and personalized approaches, we bring exercisers and operators distinct solutions that work for each unique individual.

The tagline may be new, but the principles behind it have been the driving force within our company and its culture since day one. We hold ourselves to the highest of standards, setting us apart in the fitness industry. Find out more about how we make fitness a personalized experience for all.

For Operators

Operators can count on Precor to deliver exceptional and reliable personal experiences through our advanced product engineering, simplified maintenance services, and proven business solutions. We achieve this by constantly making an effort to understand the needs of every operator we serve.

Facility operators, staff members, and personal trainers can use the Precor Coaching Center as a valuable information source for training on products, suitable to their gym. Further, in addition to detailed asset management of networked cardio equipment, Preva Business Suite grants operators an in-depth look at their exercisers’ fitness patterns and statistics, which allows them to make decisions specific to the needs and wants of their facility and its programming.

In-Shape Vendor Partner of the Year Precor

"Fitness Made Personal" embodies the personal touch we bring to every operator’s experience as we carry out the Precor mission. It's why we were recently named as In-Shape Health Clubs "Vendor Partner of the Year" for the second consecutive time. In fact, last year was the first time In-Shape had bestowed the award to a fitness equipment manufacturer.


For Exercisers

From the design studio to the manufacturing facility to the gym floor, much time is taken to personalize the Precor experience for each individual user. Whether it’s an exerciser who frequents a gym that is equipped with Precor cardio and strength products, or someone who prefers the comfort and convenience of working out in his or her own home, Precor ensures a quality, personalized workout is delivered each time.

Exercisers can benefit from the personalized experiences delivered through Preva® networked fitness. The ability to set goals and track workout progress through the Preva mobile app and networked 880 cardio equipment gives users an easy way to connect with and keep focus on their own fitness journey, while being encouraged and motivated to achieve personal success.

Also, the Precor Coaching Center offers exercisers of varying fitness levels a valuable resource for training. Customizable workouts, new styles of training, and tips and tricks of the industry are readily available to all exercisers looking to develop or build upon their fitness routine.

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