Follow These 5 Organizations for the Latest Exercise Science News

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Follow These 5 Organizations for the Latest Exercise Science News

With every advance in exercise science, our training technique evolves a little more. The best trainers stay on top of those advances, whether it’s to earn continuing education credits, to stay on the cutting edge of training technique, or as a way of engaging with science-minded clients that are probably following the latest developments, too.

Almost every certifying body out there puts out a newsletter or journal that’ll help you stay current—but that’s just the start. Here are some of the best resources for keeping in tune with the latest developments in exercise science.

American College of Sports Medicine

Long hailed as the gold standard in training certifications, the American College of Sports Medicine remains one of the most credible and reliable sources of exercise science information. Whether you follow their blog and online newsletters or subscribe to their numerous journals, you’ll be getting the latest in cutting-edge research and expert opinions. If you’re ever on the fence about how to handle real-world training matters, the ACSM’s position stands are always a great resource.

American Council on Exercise

The American Council on Exercise excels at finding science-backed answers to the real-world questions you and your clients might ask: for example, how does exercise sequencing really affect the results you get, which ab exercises are best, and just how effective are popular workouts like CrossFit and kettlebells? ACE also offers a wide range of continuing education courses and workshops that are accepted by other certifying bodies, and a handy collection of professional resources to help you straighten out issues like insurance, marketing and career strategies.

PubMed is an enormous database run by the U.S. National Library of Medicine; it contains a wealth of articles on any aspect of clinical research you can imagine. Most material you’ll find here skews toward the medical instead of exercise science, but you’ll also find plenty of exercise science articles from journals like Sports Health and the Journal of Obesity & Weight Loss Therapy.

ScienceDaily Fitness News

If you like getting your exercise science news online, ScienceDaily’s fitness section delivers daily doses of the latest research from university medical centers, research hospitals, journals of exercise science, and the occasional fitness-related headlines from news sources like Reuters. You can subscribe by email or RSS feed.

Human Kinetics

Crack open a textbook on some aspect of exercise science, and there’s a very good chance it’s published by Human Kinetics. But they’re more than just a textbook publisher: Human Kinetics also publishes a wealth of evidence-based journals including the Journal of Sport and Exercise Psychology, Physiology and Performance, and the International Journal of Athletic Therapy & Training. They also offer excellent webinars and a great selection of continuing education resources to help you stay current on the latest developments.

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