Functional Training: Giving Operators and Exercisers Endless Advantages

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Functional Training: Giving Operators and Exercisers Endless Advantages

How can you take your facility to the next level?

In the fitness market today, functional training, suspended bodyweight training, TRX, and group training are all here to stay. Now, facility owners are moving toward creating an area or adding a functional apparatus in their facility to offer these services to their members either in a studio setting or on the main exercise floor.

With the acquisition of Queenax, Precor is now able to design a customized solution built for your space, with endless add-ons such as battle ropes, plyo platforms, ladders, balance boards, pulleys, and punching bags allowing operators to create unique, creative classes along with an experience that can help transform the facility.

This post was written by Gary Weingarten, a Precor commercial sales representative with over 17 years of experience. For more information, check out "About the Author" at the bottom of the page.

What Is Queenax?

Founded in 2010 in Italy, Queenax provides a solution to gym owners for all different areas in the facility – studios, corners, the fitness floor, and personal training areas – to create usable space in an efficient way without disrupting or clogging up a particular area. Exercisers can work in the unit and around the unit, and personal trainers can run classes with multiple clients performing the same exercises.

The custom units are solid, sturdy and durable. The units require bolting down to provide safe workouts for all ages and weight ranges while allowing members to hang, push, pull and perform all body-weight movements without any hesitation.

Providing Differentiation for Your Facility

Differentiation is what the successful facility owner is always striving for. While offering traditional free weights, circuit equipment and cardio will always be part of the foundation of the fitness floor, functional space is now a critical area in the facility. This area can help grow personal and group training revenue and also give your personal training staff a new tool to be more creative.

How do you design this area and determine where it fits best in your space? This requires your Precor representative consulting with the facility owner, fitness director and personal training manager to determine how much area needs to be allocated and what the area will be used for. Once the area is measured for length, width and height, we will determine with the owner what the best design is for that space. The design can also include squat racks, smith machines, AMTs, bikes and other functional equipment in the area surrounding the Queenax unit, creating a high-usage “playground” like setting within the facility.

The Queenax units can also be expanded if needed, allowing the customer flexibility to change or add to the space, with different mounts and add-ons. This flexibility and solid design allows the customer to have this piece for the lifetime of the business, ensuring the investment.

Precor will also offer staff training and education to support programming for personal and group training clients. Fill out the form at to get in touch with a Precor representative and set up an evaluation of your floor space.

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