Game of Thrones Workout: Season 4 Premiere Edition

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Game of Thrones Workout: Season 4 Premiere Edition

Winter is coming (again) as "Game of Thrones" returns to HBO on April 6. ***SPOILER ALERT*** If you are not caught up through season 3, you may not want to read any further. We’ll catch up with our favorite Lannisters, Targaryens, and Starks (well, those who are left) and tune in for another season of swords and secrets. So why not get yourself ready GOT-style in the spirit of the Seven Kingdoms? Below are 5 Westeros-inspired exercises certain to put us all on a (pumped) Iron Throne.

Jaime Lannister: The One-Armed Push-up

Once the core competency of G.I. Jane, the unfortunate Jaime lost his hand last season, forcing him to use his non-dominant arm for sword fighting. How better to build up those dormant muscles than a few sets of one-armed push-ups? Promise yourself to try a set of these in your next workout – and remember, a Lannister always pays his debts.

Daenerys Targaryen: Downward Dog

The mother of dragons’ tiny ‘n tough body seems sculpted by hours of yoga – have you seen those arms? So embrace your inner Targaryen with a few beginner poses, including the ever-popular downward dog. If you are more advanced, extend a leg and try the pose single-handed.  (For a real-life example of Daenerys’ yoga cred, check out the world’s most “spiritual” celebrity, who makes for a pretty convincing -- albeit older -- doppelgänger.)

Jon Snow: Elliptical

As a member of the Night’s Watch, Jon Snow is constantly on the move, so strong cardio is a must. A challenging elliptical routine will build Jon’s stamina while strengthening his arms and legs for battle. The elliptical’s various resistance levels should help him plod through all of that snow as well. And while you may not be outrunning White Walkers at your gym, it’s always nice to know that you could.

Arya Stark: Speed Bag

Arya’s constant state of peril makes agility training an imperative for the young princess. Using her small size and quickness, Arya is often able to outwit her larger, slower enemies. Punching a speed bag would be up Arya’s alley, allowing her to build her reflexes through superior hand-eye coordination. And those tight, hard punches will come in handy the next time The Hound tries to carry her off.

Khal Drogo: Russian Twists

How else do you think the leader of the Dothraki built those amazing, rock-hard abs? No simple sit-ups for this warrior husband of Daenerys. Prior to his untimely demise, it’s easy to imagine Drogo doing hours of Russian Twists. If you’re not familiar with this intense exercise, it’s fairly easy to understand (if less easy to complete). Sit down, lift your legs (slightly bent at the knee), clench your abs, fold your hands together, and twist your torso at the waist. Start with a solid 30 seconds and build time from there. Are you looking forward to the "Game of Thrones" premiere? And what’s with those White Walkers?

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