Get the Most Out of Your Group Cardio Offering

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Get the Most Out of Your Group Cardio Offering

It’s no secret that what the fitness consumer of today is seeking has changed. The everyday exerciser is no longer satisfied with just a gym full of strength and cardio equipment. They want unique experiences that are highly personalized, and better yet, they are willing to pay for it.

In a study from a leading fitness franchise, small group training was attributed as being the number one retention driver, surpassing even one-on-one personal training for clubs. As a gym owner you need to be able to grow with this trend – to find and embrace what makes your club unique and stand out from the competition. It is important to give your exercisers what they want and build a sense of a community feeling within your facility. A great way to do this is through your group cardio offerings.

In order to be successful in providing small group training in your facility, you need to have properly educated instructors and the right tools in place. The solutions that you choose should enhance your trainers, versus competing with their value or discrediting their presence. Having tools from functional training options, group cardio, racks, free weights, and accessories will equip your trainers with everything they need to build out new and exciting programming to keep your members coming back for more.

The question isn’t “what do my members want”, but how do I change my current class and training options to meet my member’s needs? Continue on to see how a program like AMT Team Fit on the Precor Adaptive Motion Trainer (AMT®) can benefit your facility.


AMT Team Fit Small Group Classes

Our Adaptive Motion Trainer is a unique machine that enables exercisers of all levels to personalize their workouts through a variety of strides: climbing, walking, jogging, and running. Exercisers have the option to focus on a lower body workout or to involve their arms for a more full body workout.

Take your small group training offerings out of the classroom and rev up your cardio floor with AMT Team Fit on the Precor Adaptive Motion Trainer. AMT Team Fit is a series of trainer-led, small group exercise classes proven to build engagement, create a point of differentiation, and contribute to secondary revenue.

This small group training program has it all. By combining elements of aerobic conditioning, HIIT training, core and stabilization, and strength activities, these classes create an atmosphere and offering that will set you apart from your competition. Standing out with unique programing will help to increase member engagement – they will be signing up for more classes, and in turn provide another significant revenue stream for your facility.

What AMT Team Fit participants who paid for the class had to say:

 “Overall I’m very pleased with what the class has done for me in terms of fitness and is well worth the money spent.” – Member, Spelthorne Leisure Centre

“Definitely adds value for money, great class whilst offering you a personal trainer touch.” – Member, Leisure at Cheltenham

“...No other gym [in my area] has AMT Team Fit. They all have circuits, body build [classes], etc. but this is different.” – Member, Leisure at Cheltenham

AMT Team Fit will not only increase member engagement, but will also meet the training satisfaction of members seeing results from the facility’s equipment. A member from Spelthorne Leisure Centre stated:

“With this class you are incorporating toning and muscle strength. Upper body and lower body toning... overall making me feel a lot better about myself not just through losing weight but overall body perception. The upping of the intensity with the advanced class has definitely helped me improve my overall fitness and body strength.”

To make sure your facility and staff has the most success with implementing AMT Team Fit, Precor provides your trainers with education that will make them masters at teaching this program. The education is available in two formats and you can choose what works best for your staff:

  1. 4 Hour Onsite Workshop taught by a Precor Master Coach
  2. Online AMT Team Fit Course

With AMT Team Fit your trainers will receive the tools they need to be successful in building a group cardio atmosphere that will excite both your exercisers as well as the trainer. Your training staff will each receive 0.4 CECs through ACE and 4.00 Cooper Institute, as well as a training manual with complete instructions to coach the three AMT Team Fit programs. Not only will trainers benefit but, you as operators will get more out of your cardio equipment investment by implementing this program in your facility. We know equipment has a high price tag and with AMT Team Fit you can turn your cardio floor into a revenue generating center that will not only help enhance your clubs programming, but will also bring that community feeling to your club that exercisers are seeking. It has proven to do just that at Spelthorne Leisure Centre:

“It’s definitely worthwhile running AMT Team Fit classes. It’s a lot of fun to teach, having a group of five is fun, a nice size, they’ll / you’ll learn a lot. There’s so much you can do on the machine that you’ll never think of doing. The other classes we run (beach body, fitter-leaner-stronger, drop a jeans size) are all very similar and circuit-based. This is something that is completely different.”Megan, Trainer, Spelthorne Leisure Centre

With the proper education, programming, and spirit, AMT Team Fit could be the next big thing for your club!

Want to learn more about AMT Team Fit and other educational opportunities for your facility? Contact us today.

Visit here for more on Education from Precor.

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