Hospitality Operators: How Big Should Your Fitness Room Be?

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Hospitality Operators: How Big Should Your Fitness Room Be?

Fun fact: If a fitness room is located in close proximity to your business’ guests, it will experience a greater rate of participation. These higher rates of gym usage can lead to an increase in your RevPAR (revenue per room), so it’s important that you choose location strategically.

Once you’ve made the decision to create a fitness center in your business, the next step to consider is how large it should be, which depends on your gym’s potential usage.


To determine how many guests will utilize your fitness room during any given time, follow the series of equations below that will lead you toward the solution you need.

1. Take the total number of potential gym users (i.e., the number of guests your hotel can serve), and figure out how many of those users will be regular gym-goers (20% of the total potential users is a good suggestion).

2. Considering each average gym user works out 3 times a week, multiply the number of regular gym users by 3 to determine how many total workouts will take place each week.

3. Divide this number by 7; this will give you the approximate number of gym users each day.

4. Divide that number by 6 (exercisers usually train between 6am – 8am, 11am – 1pm, and 5pm – 7pm, equaling 6 total hours of use). This number, rounded up, is how many users your gym will likely receive per hour.

The end number you reached signifies how many pieces of equipment and activities your fitness room needs to have to accommodate all potential users during an hour.

Considering that each activity requires, on average, 60 square feet, multiply your end number of hourly users by 60. The resulting number equals how many square feet your fitness facility should take up.

Want to see the above equations worked out as an example? Download our free guide:

Now that you know approximately how much space your fitness room will require, you need to decide how you should fill it up. For help picking out the perfect types of equipment for your fitness amenity, check out our blog post.

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